Thursday, April 17, 2008

Grace:Panacea or Placebo

‘I pity the fool’, a phrase that became synonymous with Laurence Tureaud aka, Mr. T, I guess this somewhat dates me, eh?

Somehow that catch phrase seems to be my jumping off point here this morning, ‘I pity the fool’ that thinks that the grace and unconditional loving acceptance of God the Father is but a placebo or maybe better yet some kind of opiate that anesthetizes (neutralizes) us and gives us a sense of euphoric bliss? Seems to me if I remember correctly, that was how the first Matrix was designed by the architect in the first Matrix movie.

The intelligence of His love is indeed totally freeing, for a laugh,
click on to YouTube - Mr. T: The "T" in I.T.

One doesn’t have to look too long or hard at the miracle of spring and its powerful invasion within nature all around us to realize there is a huge battle, struggle and straining taking place.
Funny how our present senses are so limited especially in seeing and in hearing, because I’m sure if we really had ears and eyes to see and hear, maybe what appears to be but in bud form regarding the buried bulbs bursting forth in our gardens and the buds becoming ever so much more pregnant on the trees, the silence would be eclipsed with the cacophony of the sounds of Life and its liberating beauty displacing death, and all of this beauty coming forth into the ‘visible’ world through great consternation.

Actually this is but a continuation of my thoughts from over

I want to say that in experiencing the love and grace of the Father, it is not nor was it ever meant to be an escape from having to face and go through the stuff as Jesus mentioned; ‘Sufficient unto the day are the struggles we will all have to face,’ or something close to that, and yes, there is grace for all of this and more!

It truly is amazing how those (and that includes a vast populace) who simply want to give the impression or keeping some kind of religious veneer/appearance of never having to sweat it, struggle anymore since being set free from their fear/control issues. If they were ever to admit to experiencing the gravitational pull of sin and having to rely upon His grace in the throes of this daily struggle/battle would somehow tarnish their new found testimony of what it means to live loved.
Two words come to mind when thinking on this crock of crap-bull shit!!

If grace (love) is the power to be known for who we are (and who we are becoming), then pride must be that which chooses to try and pull the wool over the eyes of others to be seen for who we’re NOT? Sure sounds a lot like the religious self-righteous dicks Jesus bumped into a lot of the time.
In my opinion, who we are and are becoming is not really real apart from His grace (love) bringing forth His son being fully formed within us apart from the strained struggle of Life displacing, overcoming the ‘true lies’ we have all believed.

‘If you continue to follow Me (Jesus), you will Know the Truth, and the Truth will set/make you free.’


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