Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Feat, His Divine Fiat

There is way too much to try and copy and paste here, so for those wanting to read (Keeping Christ In View) further, bon appetite.

These will be some more thoughts on what I shared earlier, also for those interested in another’s thoughts, Ruth over at Come Away My Beloved, has also shared some wonderful thoughts as well.

Here are a couple of quotes: There is everywhere today an immense amount of definite or tacit admission of the failure of Christianity; the asking of the question: 'What is wrong with Christianity or the "churches"?' The would-be doctors seeking to diagnose the malady and prescribe the remedy are a growing multitude. Not all are mistaken, and if we seem to have joined their ranks, we do not think that we are speculating when we assert that that which is preached and taught has become - although largely unwittingly - detached from the personal significance of Christ Himself. The business of the Church and its ministry is not to propagate a system of Christian truth, but to bring Christ Himself, in the power of the Holy Spirit, wherever it goes and is. The Gospel as such saves nobody. Salvation is a vital personal contact and union with Christ Himself. Hence, and this is the crucial point, Christ must have a living organism in which and by which to make that contact and that union.”

“Christianity has become something almost entirely apart from the Person of Christ. It is a religion, a system, a philosophy of life, a set of ways, practices, and ideas. It is something that people enter into, take up, join, and choose. They come to Christ through the Christian system, but the Christ they come to is a denominational, sectarian, ritualistic, or evangelical Christ. The Christ that they know and believe in is the Christ of this or that connection and interpretation. Christ rarely now creates Christianity; it is Christianity that creates Christ.”

Maybe as a wise master builder, the Apostle Paul was unwilling to deviate from the DNA design that constituted what His church was to BE? In other words, he didn’t resort to clowning or cloning around with that which was entrusted to him. You know, somebody who say is very skilled (talented) at painting assuming they can take one of the recognized great masters paintings and make it even better with the magical brush strokes.

Flesh and blood humanity has not evolved nor will it ever become a shinning pinnacle of man’s doings, never! And yet it is within man the miracle of the re-birthing is to be established.
Maybe that’s why Paul could see first hand out of having been translated (caught up) into the heavenly realms wherein it says ‘he both saw and heard things he could not speak of’ regarding the coming together of His church, which IS His body.
And just maybe that’s why he prayed for His church that although there were such wonderful expressions of His life flowing through it, he was privy to the Father’s design, and asked of the Father to give unto His church a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the true knowledge of Him.

Within man, long before the technology was discovered regarding the ability to ‘clone’
was very much a reality that was set into motion from the church’s inception. Whenever the individual/s moved away from their only Life, Christ in them, it devolved into a form of godliness, but lacking any power.
It seems without fail every time God the Father makes himself known to someone in the uniqueness of what that constitutes, man only seeing at best the external results of these holy encounters begins sooner or later to manipulate it and turn it into a movement and ultimately a denomination, and of course the only one who HAS the truth!

I will most likely come back to this conversation many different times regarding His church which is His body, as so many are being awakened to the reality of who He really is and the loving but probing question he seems to delight in asking; “Who do you say I AM?”



Ruth Lang said...

HI Rich, ty for linking over to me from your blog, it brought a smile to my face! The union that Christ had with the Father was that they had one heart and one purpose .. the were united in their love and their desire to restore us in our lost condition. My daughter & I just got done sharing a little discussion tonight on some of these same points Austin has brought out about what Christianity is /isn't, it's amazing how good God is and how He works!, The Father and Son did not come to propogate a system of truth a religion with all it's tradtions and rituals, but to make that connection possible for us to be brought into so that we might share what they themselves shared. I am going to have to check out Austin Sp. I have never read him, but from what I have read her in this excerpt I can see that His focus is Christ .

Dave A. said...

I'm again amazed that Sparks wrote that over 50 years ago. This struck me... "The Gospel as such saves nobody. Salvation is a vital personal contact and union with Christ Himself. Hence, and this is the crucial point, Christ must have a living organism in which and by which to make that contact and that union."

When I was an evanjellycal I saw the division of us "correct" ones following Christ versus those mainline denominational ones that seened obviously erroneous in their teachings, let alone forms of worship. Good grief. It doesn't end there. Those seeking to make a model out of Christ are everywhere and have been around since the beginning. I can still so easily fall into that trap of playing sides. We're either knowing Him, following Him, serving Him, etc or knowing, following, serving some other form or shadow of Him. If it's not Him it is Anti-Him. Could it be that we are just really being awakened to this reality? At least I am becoming more and more aware of these things. There is a disturbance in the force, Luke. I can feel it.

Rest well, Bro. Hope you're better soon. I appreciate so much what you've been sharing lately.

Rich said...


My pleasure in linking your site to mine, as I so appreciate your heart for Him, and your insights as well.

It does seem its becoming more clear, those wanting to have dialogue opposed to setting you straight.

Being honest-truthful is but imo just another way of vindicating ones-self in contrast to speaking the truth in/with love.

I find it humourous that the 'experts' have determinded that only 6% of communication is relegated to actually speking, and yet that 6% seems to eclipse the need for a loving, caring spirit.


Rich said...


Thanks so much for what you shared here bro, loved it.

Its very said that so many seem to want to replicate, clone what Papa has uniquely done in another persons life and try to make it their own.
Opposed to, the longing within His heart to express His uniqueness, uniquely through the uniqueness of the individual. Each person (part) being established in His orchestra.