Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Secret Identity

For the child of God, not KNOWING that He-God lives inside of them (as their only Life) is tantamount to being a son or daughter of the richest father in the world and yet living as if they are but an orphan.
I know first hand, living in such mistaken poverty and how the lies seems so true. How many times as a believer would I look at the so called encouraging words from the scriptures, 'Above all brethren, I pray that you will prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers,' and walk away thinking it was still dependent upon myself as an orphan to somehow find what seemed to be so illusive and just out of my reach, rather than knowing I really had a Father that wanted to provide for me.
It is this wonderful journey I am on, along with so many other siblings who are starting to see (discovering) and know the difference between the 'fools gold' and the real.

It is an awakening of unparalleled proportion and it has one source and it ain't man's doing, but rather Father God himself bringing those he has fathered into an alert, sober, clear appreciation of all that is included within their Birth-right.

First and foremost within this unfolding revelation of the inheritance-birth-right of the child of God is unmeasurable Love, unconditional loving acceptance that knows no end. As this love meets the unmet heart needs within us the rippling affects are going to cause a great disturbance to the force of the religious establishments of this world.Bottom line, as Love is discovered, nothing will ever be able to extinguish its power.


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