Sunday, November 16, 2008

Discovering His Love

A situation occurred last week wherein my attention was drawn to discovering something that happened after the fact.
I’m not even sure now looking back on it as to what it was; all I know is Father pointed it out to me. “Do you know why you didn’t react in that particular situation; it was because of my love freeing you.”

The weird thing about it was in pondering this situation it seemed perfectly natural for me to simply respond the way I did, and had it not been for Father pointing this out to me I would have totally missed it.

What I saw in this was a wonderful sense that He was doing far more than any of my senses were able to detect from deep within me.
It became startling clear to me if this most natural response came forth from me as a result of His love freeing me, then I could continue to rest in the security of this same love to bring forth all He desired in my life.
Wow, what a discovery!

I found what Darrin and Amy where sharing over at the Free Believers Network so illustrated even further what Father was making real to and in me. Take a listen to, "The Essence of Christianity."
In my opinion Father is so wanting to bring further revelation and understanding into my/our lives regarding the fact that we are alive only because of the life of another living in us as us.


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