Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Relinquish

I am so grateful for the deepness of His love for me speaking into those unknown, unrecognizable places within me, bring forth an undeniable definition to who’s I am!
Father in his most perfect way was messing with my heart the other day, Saturday morning, as I took my over the speed limit excitable Breaded Collie for walk out into the winter wonderland of over a foot of freshly fallen snow.

I guess at a heart level I have been secretly harboring a real loathing/resentment toward winter, the coldness, ice etc, especially having to work out IN it every year.

As I was walking Atticus, my treasured friend and pup, I was awestruck in the pristine splendor and beauty that captured my heart. I stopped and saw Him right there in the midst of something that has never been a friend to me, Mr. Winter. It was like breathing what then came forth from my heart, “Father I relinquish this dislike/hatred for winter, I choose to let it go, I no longer want to miss seeing/knowing you in any season that I must go through.

In a heart beat, I was instantly freed to further experience His abiding closeness in and to me as I breathed in the cold morning winter air, knowing that a door had just been opened up to me to dive even further into experiencing His love for me, even within, “Winter.”



Anonymous said...

Aaahhh! What a beautiful picture! Indeed, it IS like a Winter Wonderland. Thank you for sharing how Papa brought you to a place of acceptance at the weather there. He did that with me a few years ago, also, when I had been living in WA state and "humffed" at all things wintry. He brought me, too, to a place of accepting where I was at the time.

It's neat that you posted this when you did. A sister recently posted a blog about Winter, as well. As a result, it "inspired" me to type up something relating to Winter.

I'll be posting it on Dec 1st, since that, to me, seems like the day -- the whole idea of the month of December setting the festive mood for the Christmas and Wintry season.

P.S. Howie says a friendly "woof" (hello in dog-speak) to Atticus!

~Amy :)
Author of "Orphaned Into Belonging"
Walking In The Spirit

zinger said...

Hey Rich,

Thanks for sharing your Papa moment. Still haven't got there with the rain and slush we get out this way. I don't enjoy it and often live in the wishing it were gone moment, and wishing away precious time. Maybe this year joy will be more of a constant companion this time of year.

Kent said...

very very cool pun intended :)

Rich said...


I hope you can haer my heart in what I'm about to share here bro, but it isn't about "getting there" at all.
That morning this happened, it snuck up on me and surprised the heck outta me. It was the Father wanting to set me free in an area that had beeen pretty much buried but it still sent out rumbling signals.
I had a choice in this matter as to continuing to hang on to it, or to "relinquish"!
I chose the latter, in so doing I am still faced with much and more winter blasting me in the face, but I keep to what I said in relinquishing to His initive in setting me free!!

I think we really miss it big time when we think another sibling has things in life well under control, aka handling things.
It's His life in us as us that handles it all, but we have the choice by His grace to relinquish or live in our own putrid strength!!

Rich said...


Thanks bro, yes it was most cool indeed!
One of those, "I must turn aside and look into this matter."

Kent said...