Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Secret Things

The secret things belong to the Lord and unto those he chooses to reveal them to.
Our true identities will forever at least this side of heaven remain a well kept and guarded secret, as it were a secret identity, and no one apart from God the Father is able to share this secret with us.
Who we are will only be defined in and through His heart of love for us, a love that knows no short cuts in going the distance to win our trust and affection.
Although the lies we may still believe are designed to bring havoc and destruction into our daily living, it is His nature to destroy that which is trying to destroy us.
What a Saviour this one who calls me Brother and his friend, who whispers in my ear. "You Are Loved!



silent wings said...

mmmm good stuff! I love how you say that we are defined in and through His heart of love for us. That is where I'm diving in!

Thanks for stopping by with words of encouragment and revelation.

- grace and peace brother :)

Rich said...

Silent Wings,

The multi faceted expressions of His grace is a wonder that continues to take my breath away as He carefully and skilfully expresses Himself through so many.
As I read some of your heart stirrings from your blog, my heart burned from within, pointing me afresh and bidding me to come into this holy fire.

Blessings to you in discovering all Father has reserved (hidden) for you with your name on it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.
Thanks for this!

~Amy :)