Monday, November 03, 2008

Though He Slay Me

This is going to be brief, my good friend Ron who had spent some time with us coming all the way here (to Ontario) from the Maritimes back a few weeks ago has been back home trying to walk out what Father has been bringing to light regarding his circumstances and situations within his family/marriage.
I spoke with him three times over this past weekend, the last call from him yesterday was from all human perspective very heart crushing news.

When there is more to share, and with his permission I will continue with updates, in the mean time I am asking for Father to continue to comfort him, and trusting Him to touch Ron in any way he chooses to do this.
If Father is speaking to your heart regarding this situation without knowing any of the facts, please embrace His nudges.



Ruth said...

Yes, will think of Ron too,
peace in His being


Anonymous said...

Oh, my dear friend, know that I will be praying for Ron, his wife and you about this in the coming days. Thank you for sharing this update.

~Amy :)

Rich said...


Thank you both so much!!