Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An Extended Conversation

For those wanting a little sneak peek into the lives of two madly in love brothers with Jesus, then jump into the water, the temp is great and so is the heart to heart musings.
This was some of our sharing this morning via Yahoo Messenger, Dave from Rhode Island sitting in a Panera’s coffee shop bakery and me, Rich here in Stratford Ontario without my first cup of coffee.


Part 1

Rich: Bro the essence of that reality unfolding in our lives the lost and found ones is consuming me in my writings
Rich: I will not back down from the only thing that spells freedom
yahdavea: He who has ears to hear
Rich: His love spoken to us in truth
yahdavea: I love you and your passion
Rich: tanks Bro
Rich: I love that line from Field Of Dreams
Rich: where Terry Mann says to Ray, Ray, as misguided as you R, I wish I had your passion
yahdavea: yes wow
Rich: because Terry use to be consumed with passion, but it died in him
yahdavea: wonderful moments in that movie
yahdavea: right!
yahdavea: He was once so passionate but the life and its cruel realties hit him hard
Rich: without knowing how passionate he is about us, religion is what we've opted 4
yahdavea: yes
Rich: He too needs to know the Truth as we all do
yahdavea: enjoying your post, Achilles Heel part 2
yahdavea: yes
Rich: and Ray in that movie was a type of the Holy Spirit wanting to set/make so many free from the Matrix of lies
Rich: thanks
yahdavea: Yeah, Ray, the passionate one, seeking the "what-if?"... Something greater than himself, pulling on him.
Rich: Jesus is saying, I will build the church, and I know they will come
yahdavea: not all but those who seek will find
Rich: yes
yahdavea: This week I have gotten so blinded bro
Rich: ?
yahdavea: the worries had set in
yahdavea: And I so need just to chill with Jesus
yahdavea: Last week I could have conquered the world with Jesus it seemed
yahdavea: This week the cares and worries came in
Rich: the fresh assault of worries or whatever is a great place to discover the realness and closeness of Him right inside of us
yahdavea: yes
Rich: thank God you haven't evolved past this Bro
yahdavea: evolved past this?
Rich: meaning
yahdavea: you mean trying got just dismiss and try to move on?
yahdavea: It didn’t make sense there
Rich: you're either going to have slick, pat Jesus answers for you and whomever, or you will dispense Life and grace to all out of this hounding what appear to be setbacks
yahdavea: Dismissing what is happening to me and just trying to move on without stopping
yahdavea: Yeah, I have been so reminded how easy it is to forget our First Love
Rich: it is out of each of these being plunged into worries/fears we have the freshness of Him wanting to draw us so much deeper into reality
yahdavea: Geesh, the Rich Young Ruler sure plays into this
yahdavea: yes
Rich: not taking us out of the world, but while we're in, Him causing us to discover all that is ours moment by moment
Rich: YES!
Rich: Jesus' so called hard word to him was full of Truth and freedom, but the depravity that was exposed in him through Jesus' words , he chose to give into the lies instead
yahdavea: and succumbed back to self-effort
Rich: the young guy was on a mission, to B more God like
yahdavea: that's exactly what has been tugging at me bro
Rich: Jesus in love 4 him, had to show how that was suicide

You can read Part 2 over here.

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