Thursday, September 17, 2009

Power and Control

Quoted from Life After Death, by Bill Landon, “All, nearly all, religious organizations begin with noble motives but they all fall victim to the same slide down the slippery slope of the wish for power and control.”
History seems to repeat itself almost as an inevitability; learning from it is beyond being beneficial to us.

Long before there was any outer visible recognizable facility tagged as a religious meeting place, it was already a reality being conjured up within the heart of some person, and that person like us all, was blinded in recognizing the author and instigator of its crafty designing, the father of lies and religion, residing within their flesh!
Because of this unseen, undetected impetus toward religious activity, simply removing oneself from the outer practices of it does not negate the reality of it waiting (wanting) to spring up in those outside of any religious box, camp.

Without continued and direct intuitive revelation (man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word form our God and Father) the enslavement of many of God’s sons will simply be repeated, the bait remains the same only the presented packaging is in vogue with the current hour we live in.
There is much right here I would love to illustrate with a period of time touching a huge demographic that my wife and I were a part of, but it would take away from it being written about in my wife’s forth coming book.

All I know is this, the ignorance of the resident evil one in our flesh, the father of religion, is working without any direct resistance because of a no-brainer most have accepted as truth, as in, “Jesus in, Satan out”!

This is for those who have labeled themselves definitively that they are not religious but in fact wanting to know Him alone, a few examples are, out of the box, free rangers, home church, missional, organic and others. Are these names any different than those that arose 30 or 40 years ago, para-church, shepherding, and many others that saw that the established churches of that time were not fully doing what they saw as God’s directive.

Their motives according to these people were pure, noble, honorable, they were only trying to assist, come along side of the churches to see them come into the place they deemed to be at. Sadly the history lesson was not even noticed, and if it was, hey, why question the ‘anointed ones?”
Today there is a ravenous no nonsense stirring in many hearts , unwilling to accept any ones word of finality, they want to know the truth as it pertains to God himself, I applaud and endorse this unrelenting fire that burns within so many hearts that desire to know the Truth, not mine verse yours, but Him!


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