Monday, September 07, 2009

Hidden For You, Not From You

Follow with some additional thoughts posted on Unfolding Mystery, “I Don’t Have All The Answers” I see that our designed dependency upon the only source of real, true life is the safest, most secure place to be, in Christ.
The continuous assault that barrages our thinking that somehow I must be missing “it” coming short or not measuring up is because I don’t yet have the privileged info, in other words, God has hidden this key from me. On the contrary, I see it is out of His great love that He as purposely hidden it for us!

From Life After Death, “I firmly believe we have the truth that God, in His wisdom and love, means us to have. We unlock this great treasure when we seek openly and honestly from the Father for this understanding. If we do not have some particular fact or understanding then I must believe it is because this fact or understanding is not healthy or constructive for us to have at this time. I firmly believe that we can all walk in the assurance that the Father provides all that we need right now for living moment by moment. This is an integral part of our being the dependent and well-loved children of God. I also believe that God will never set us up to fail. We can trust that the Father will never ask us to do anything that He is not fully prepared to equip us to do. We will never be held accountable for any understanding that has not been made available to us.”

Speaking of the Bible (Scriptures), “He had this book constructed in such a way as to make it completely useable only when we study it in surrender to His teaching through the Holy Spirit’s revelation. I understand at least one reason for doing this. This is a safeguard to prevent us from unraveling the mysteries of the spiritual out of our own intellectual efforts alone. This prohibition is not a mean-spirited act on the Lord’s part. We are kept from successfully discovering spiritual truth on our own because the whole purpose of life in this world is to develop a personal, living relationship with God. As such, it would be counterproductive and even harmful for the father to allow the truth of reality to be accessible without some collaboration with Him. In God’s plan, our growth in intellectual understanding is only a secondary attribute in the larger area of developing our living relationship with the Father.”


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