Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Extended Conversation

Part 3

Please read part 1 here, and part 2 here.


Rich: the formulas will never do what he can and is doing destroying in us the lies of fear as we learn to walk out living loved
Rich: not sill at all
Rich: silly
yahdavea: right
yahdavea: I guess it would be like asking if going to school is wrong because it would look like one was being less dependent upon Him
Rich: again, in your wonderful uncertainty and weakness He will prove himself to be gloriously strong in and on your behalf
Rich: hahaha
yahdavea: Well He was with me last week in that but I'm not so sure now.
Rich: fear/lies blind us to see Him in the now directing, guiding us moment by moment
yahdavea: Being facetious... but that is where my head was at
yahdavea: right
Rich: i hear ya and that is a reality that touches us because we're still in a world of money making things necessary
yahdavea: The Good News... I Am the Way... Truth... Light... and Am with you always
yahdavea: right
Rich: but what U R openly talking about here Bro is imo mostly swept under the rug by most of us believers, not wanting our uncertain humanity sticking out
Rich: YES
yahdavea: right
yahdavea: the elephant under the rug
yahdavea: And I am grateful that He has caused me to spill my guts at will.
Rich: didn't you witness the nerve you struck in others as you shared what you did on face book?
Rich: amen
yahdavea: I think so yes
yahdavea: I think I gave freedom
yahdavea: it surprised me really... seeing the responses
Rich: well living is not apart from any of that, but sadly most christchuns think much differently
Rich: hahaha
Rich: He is allowing whatever it takes in each of our lives to bring us out of our druknen stupor, and to b 4 some us real 4 the first time in our walk with Him
Rich: I see way 2 many Jesus impersonators
Rich: and why is that, we do not intimately know the God and Father that loved being human
Rich: in His son as a man
yahdavea: That loved being human. Wow... now there is a thought
Rich: But Bro, it was His delight to be as us
yahdavea: Can you imagine the awareness of something that was actually new to Him?
Rich: it was the only way he could let us know that his love wasn't just a word
Rich: hahaha
yahdavea: So much there that just blows the mind
Rich: mine 2
Rich: it is that which I just shared that Margi will put into another book she will write about the God who loved being human as the son
yahdavea: Very cool
Rich: but that reality so escapes us all, and in so doing we live a life not based upon what it means to be His son, cause our humanity still freaks us out
Rich: make sense?
Rich: your, my humanity is where he lives, it does not twist his head or heart at all
Rich: He knows fully about all that we R now facing as being sons of God and still having top carry around this earth suite
yahdavea: and that's a headfull
Rich: when we live, is it because we feel, sense His pleasure?
Rich: most of us will say no
Rich: Eric Liddell was talking about experiencing His pleasure that ignited in him a pleasure in all he did
Rich: not just running, or the mission field\
Rich: it will B in these times of fearfulness etc that there is a revelation with our names imprinted on them 4 us
Rich: the treasures of darkness await us all
Rich: those who R led of his spirit
Rich: anyhoo
Rich: white man speak way 2 much
yahdavea: But bro..
yahdavea: I so want that "running" through my veins.. That passion for Him... and not some successful design business
Rich: Bro, you have been ruined by Him and 4 Him
Rich: let Him do all that is in his heart 4 you and your fam
Rich: whatever and however that turns out to look like
Rich: let him deal with the logistics of it all
yahdavea: yeah
yahdavea: ha
Rich: U just do what U need to do
yahdavea: At times I have this vision
Rich: He will look after the other stuff
yahdavea: of how what I am going thru and what He is doing
yahdavea: ... how it will affect others... and I keep hearing... that they may know HIM
yahdavea: Because if this is just about Dave and his success or no success...then I dont want any part of it
Rich: they want to see reality not what Christchuns have made out of Christianity
yahdavea: right
Rich: and that reality is transforming us as we have to face some very ugly things in this broken down world we live in
yahdavea: If there is a dream I have its that the design biz will be successful enough so that Deb and I can travel to visit others freely
yahdavea: yes
Rich: YES!
Rich: go 4 it Bro with all U have
Rich: i pray that it would B that and so much MORE for you and your fam
Rich: Only He knows the uncountable numbers of orchards in just one seed
Rich: and that One seed is Christ in Davey
yahdavea: thanks bro
Rich: my pleasure as always
yahdavea: I wish I had the freedom right now to head north to visit you!
yahdavea: how wild would that be??
Rich: it is the knowing of His heart felt deep pleasure for you that will ignite in you a fire that will shake your world and those around you my dear brother
yahdavea: I am trusting so
Rich: living in the wild, yeah baby
yahdavea: Hey it's only a 10 hour ride
Rich: religion in any form emasculates us, especially us men
Rich: rock on my man
yahdavea: yes... because we have this dire need to be validated by the work we do
Rich: if we really discovered what the man Christ Jesus was really like, we would not try and hide or bury our manhood either
Rich: right
Rich: it was imo because of the bursting at the seems of the Fathers great pleasure for the son, that Jesus found pleasure in all that he did or didn't do
yahdavea: yes wow
Rich: and that imo was why so many discovered that pleasure in coming into his company-presence
Rich: Jesus was inviting us into the Fathers pleasures
yahdavea: in a way, maybe it's like my opening my heart, life to others, allowing them to see in and saying, "It's okay, people, it's okay."
yahdavea: yes
yahdavea: Fear begets fear but Life begets Life
Rich: the imprinting is in our DNA to live loved
yahdavea: yes
Rich: YES
Rich: it has to B worked-walked out as we face what we have to face daily
Rich: and each day is the day of discovery, His overflowing pleasure for us
Rich: and of us

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