Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Measuring Ourselves

I’m not trying to nail anything down here just thinking, but the stirring that is happening throughout the earth regarding the massive exodus from established expressions of religion and trying to launch something new is it because there was a knowing in measuring themselves they came up short?

If we have not grasped the truth of His love, life, in us as us, won’t it be the same old thing only wrapped up in a new set of duds? Who told you were naked in the first place?
The longing for God the Father that has been awakened in so many, wanting to gain a whole new dimension of closeness is not found in anything short of his spirit making known, revealing His heart for us!
It’s going to take whatever it takes to bring each and every person in this freshly awakened journey to come to the end of being sick and tired of swallowing a whole new batch of gos-pills marketed in an enticing format.



Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Concur. Weren't we explictly told that the church is Christ's bridegroom? I wonder how much it has to do with everyone wanting to be "special" in his/her own way, not wanting to take direction, and lacking patience with and tolerance for others. Seems to me that might be why marriages fail and families become dysfunctional, too.

Laurie Skelton said...

Perhaps Rich, our nakedness is no longer as it was in the garden, but now it is the nakedness of being exposed.

Rich said...


I have some thoughts on what you've offered here, but first if you would care to, I would like for you to stretch this out a bit more for me, thanks!

Laurie Skelton said...

Well I think in the garden, after they ate of the 'forbidden fruit' that they were suddenly aware of their nakedness and hid from God despite having relationship with Him (it says they walked with Him in the cool of the day)

But now, our deception seems to be in hiding from Him so as to not expose ourselves...I mean in a way of being vulnerable or real with Papa.

So a lot of this thing of being religious et al is all about avoiding that very intimacy with Him that we desire.

Hope that makes sense?

Rich said...


I like what you've shared here, thanks.
The nakedness thing, before their rebellion they were naked and not ashamed, after ward, suddenly they were, why, had God changed in his love for them at all?

He was the one who initiated the conversation, Adam, where are you? Why would their becoming aware of their nakedness ( a place they had been in all along up to this point) suddenly change or alter their perspective of Him?

Why do we think we have to be vulnerable (real), if that in itself is but us still trying to (perform) please Him, if fear instead of His perfect love is our motivation, believing he is ticked with us, not loving us for who we are, then trying to serve him seems to be a viable option, aka religion?

Rich said...


I really appreciated your input here, thanks.

It is all (in my opinion) about love or the lack of it, and either way there are powerful rippling effects don't you think?

The perfection I know I need and am experiencing has nothing to do with my performance lining up and looking better, but from deep within as the perfect One, Christ in me, begins to get through to me with even the smallest portion of his total unconditional love, suddenly the torment of fear/s being to loose there hold over me!

The integration of this love does so much more than alter our outward behaviour.

Laurie Skelton said...

Perhaps because we are so aware that we have the tendency not to be honest with others...and possibly ourselves, that this whole being vulnerable thing becomes like a concentrated effort on our parts.

Our own personal religion

PaulandJanna said...

It's amazingly simple to me how His everlasting love transforms me without me noticing. Every place that fear has cast it's ugly shadow is slowly being illuminated by the warmth of His pleasure.

Rich said...


It is amazing isn't it, loved that Janna.

A friend and mother asked her 8 year old, what have you learned from living, her son said, I don't know anything about living, all I know is I am alive! WOW!!