Saturday, August 25, 2007

Copious Amounts Of Grace

I was coming back from the grocery store with some needed items to get ready for our scrumptious feast we're planing on having later, celebrating my brother-in-laws time with us this weekend.
I try to come home going down the street where our son lives, and sure enough, wouldn't you know, there he was, our son talking with his uncle and his mom, having fun connecting in the moment.

It was a flash thought, much like a speeding arrow strategically aimed at my heart, simply seeing my precious wife reveling in the thick of family reconnecting, mom, son, and uncle.
The thought was sobering and unsettling at the same time, or as I am growing increasingly fond of saying, His disturbing grace~ha!
I could see such a relaxed and at peace wife, being vividly alive in that moment.

I remember not all that long ago of how I was so much more out of sync with Father's heart and love for me, and as a sad consequence, those destructive ripples, more like a full force gale, so reeked havoc in my precious wife's soul.
Today, I love having the joy of saying to friends and new friends, go ahead, make my day, just ask my wife if Papa is working/disturbing Richard with His grace~ha!

So much water under the bridge, so many memories of being a child of God, and yet so bound, so out of control. How amazing His ability is to remove the stinging barbs of those tormenting memories, and yet, remembering those events to this day.
Why, a living testimony of His grace. prodding and provoking me ever deeper into the vast and unexplored territory of His generous heart.

The rippling affects of grace in Father's heart is so infecting not just my life, but my precious wife as well. I am seeing how Father is freeing her in her innermost being with His love, to actually believe I can be trusted with her heart.

Is it any wonder when I watch for the umpteenth time the movie, The Christmas Carol, that I become a babbling crying fool, why, if you know the story, you well know Scrooge, who did NOT ever deserve a second chance, was given just that.
Oh how I so relate with such a generousness, so many more extended second chances have rippled into my life from the first encounter with this Living God.

My wife said to me with her heart being freshly disturbed this morning, I am so thankful for Him freeing me from being so religious, making my heart so much more loving like His.

This ongoing journey of learning to live loved, has and is infecting us and I'm so grateful there is no cure~ha!


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