Saturday, August 25, 2007


If I was created to be and live loved, then, if I do not know and experience that love, His love, Papa's love, is it any wonder there is such a wasteland of lostness?

Although 'saved', rebrithed, many years ago now, the reality of God becoming my Father at a knowable level is, and continues to invade my jar of clay.
This unconditional love is greatly, but wonderfully disturbing me, thank God! I remember someone saying once how God comforts the disturbed, but disturbs the comfortable~ha!

On a recent pod cast Wayne and Brad ( ) were discussing the issue of the 'The Relationally Challenged', it was very good, but, and I'm not dickering over words, but, in my opinion, it goes far beyond being relationally challenged, it is being relationally dysfunctional.
The latter description (imo) more clearly paints the truer picture. ALL who have been born from the loins of Adam are dysfunctional, and will continue to be, unless, Love comes to town~ha!

The pervasiveness of the lostness within us is beyond our comprehension, but thank you Papa, that you delight in seeking and finding that which is lost.
Being loved is inseparable from defining who we are, our identity. When man chose to separate himself from his source of true identity, he became lost. You know the deal, hey man waz up, Oh, I'm just trying to 'find myself.'

Somehow being, and living loved is calling all of the lostness within my soul into an order of relational functioning stability I have never known, and I have been walking with Jesus since 1972.

I shared all of this to set a stage for the following thoughts....

The love of money Jesus said, is the root of all evil...both my wife and I have struggled~ha, what a weak word that is, more like being suffocated, drowning, for so long with 'finances.'

This is NOT an obscure far removed nightmare reality from most believers I know, and am getting to know. It is a curse, being a prisoner to this setup, meaning, although so many struggled with this monster, very few freely, openly, admits or talks about it. Why is this?

The 'love of money,' maybe its what money represents at an unconscious level,. security-power-being treated as very special etc. Whatever it is and its appeal to us, it is a horrible lie, and a substitute for the present and abiding security of the Father's love.
This area of lostness is being addressed by Papa's disturbing grace and love, and somehow I sense the beginning ripples of freedom.


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