Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Life Finds A Way

Life always seems to find a way to come to the forefront, always alive, but often hidden from sight.

I was out watering the plants, shrubs and other delightful beauties this evening, as the weather has been increasingly getting hotter. As I was watering the side of the house where my wife has done considerable rearranging of the plant life, along with recovering this extended area with a layer of rich top soil, then a healthy blanket of bark chips, I happened to notice that which had been buried in the process, was being brought out into the above ground world.
I couldn't help but delight in the beauty and magical elation I sensed in seeing these tender green plants making their living presence known.

I was instantly reminded of the source of my Life, and being pointed to that life source in a heartbeat, through something almost ignored, a little slip of a green plant...

How loving and caring is this God and Father who is willing to remind me over and over, of His everlasting and invisible presence.


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