Friday, August 24, 2007

The Ripples Of Grace

Here's a thought I was reflecting on this morning, actually more about Papa's love for I am experiencing the rippling actions/affects of His grace, I am experiencing much more of a calmness, instead of the old knee jerk reacting, it frees me in so many ways..

I am one who has been and is still so indecisive at times, and this rippling affect of love/grace is not causing me see or know why I am that way, as much as it is addressing at the core of my being the reality of what it means to Live Loved, and in so doing, this area of being indecisive along with numerous other areas are being awakened to what it means when Jesus says, If you continue to follow me, you will Know the truth, and the Truth will set you FREE.

This rippling affect of grace/love spills out, much like water when spilled out, it flows into all of the 'low places' first... for example, I was having some minor glitches this morning with my laptop, and yes, within my soul I was sensing/feeling stuff trying to rise up, and in the past, would try to rule me, but I attribute the not reacting to this issue only because of discovering, not only am I loved, but I am learning to live loved!

I love the thought of all of Papa's dealings with me, is in bringing me into a low place, whereby, as in water spilled out, his love and grace will flow into those desperate and needy places within my soul.


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