Sunday, August 19, 2007


Tonight we had friends over to share about our encounters with the Lord, having read the book, The Shack.

We had a wonderful time tonight, I was the only guy though..I have no problems with that at all.
Three ladies/friends besides cool hearing how our friends are discovering/becoming much more aware of not only His love for us, but also His special fondness as well.

Funny, in coming to experience what it means to live Loved, how effortlessly it becomes to 'trust' Him with our lives.
Rather than seeing, according to our warped perceptions, Oh boy, look at how I have to trust if we can by/through fleshly efforts on our part produce what we think He is demanding from us (trust)..make any sense?
If I know I am loved unconditionally, the trust issue is born out of the knowableness of living loved, (not something I'm trying to impress Him with) and when I screw up, its all about being loved perfectly still, make any sense?

Maybe our capacity to walk by faith, not by sight aka faith/trust, is in fact deepened and continues to flow out of that inner knowing, I am Loved?


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