Monday, August 06, 2007

Seeing, Follow Up


Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.
Here are a few more of mine, I would have posted them on the halo section, but for some reason it was not working?

I guess what I was getting at, although implied but not spelled out, was, imo, I see everything dealing with who we 'think' we are, is, being addressed and revolves in and around His love for us all.
Meaning, it is the de-construction of the false, outer man, vs the real, inner man. The real us, is not, black vs white, rich vs poor, smart vs dumb etc, and it is a demolishing of an identity built upon lies.

I like the analogy although most terrifying in its applications, being used of one of the prophets in the OT, he was being used of God, to tear down, and uproot, before there was any building up taking place. This demolishing is a loving action, although unfathomable to us at the time.
I have often thought of that reality unfolding, especially in my walk with Him, as well as the same violent processing of all that have been received of Him.

I realize it's totally about Him working in us and through us on an individual basis in addressing what I am sharing here, not a formula. In a nut shell, I want to learn in being a recipient of grace to be gracious in dealing with those like myself, still being extricated from the Matrix of religious thinking.

What do you think?


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