Friday, August 31, 2007


Security is a most ambiguous word with many meanings, particularly when we try to apply a measure of security to our lives.
In a recent conversation with a friend, this whole topic of security was stirred up within me. We were catching up on life after not having been able to talk for some time.

We, along with many, have had the privilege to have read a novel called “The Shack”, written by Paul W. Young. What was originally designed to be a mere story written by a dad for his children has taken an unbelievable turn and launched into something that continues to defy all logic.

This book has and is being used by the Lord to stir up many different thoughts and emotions in readers in unpredictable ways. My friend and I were commenting on and observing how there seems to be a most positive but disturbing awakening coming into the consciousness of so many who have read it.

Without knowing the unconditional love of a Father, we hunt and peck for this proverbial and elusive end of the rainbow, the pot of gold called 'security.'My friend and I were musing about some folk who seem to have very caustic reactions, not only towards this book, but also towards those who seem to be drawn into a growing sense of intimacy and security.

I am discovering how disarming this constant unconditional love is, and yes, it does speak of a security that can't be designed or fashioned by any amount of fleshly efforts on my behalf, but depends totally upon who He is and what He has done for everyone.

As this increased sense of intimacy and security unfolds from within, it is addressing issues of the heart in others, as if penetrating the false walls of security we think are protecting us from the harshness of everyday living.


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