Thursday, November 29, 2007

All Shook Up

Your Not Going To Get Out Alive

I love how Papa directs me in finding the pictures I want. What I try and share here on my blog usually begins with an image/picture, that captures the essence of what He has put upon my heart to share.
I was going to use another picture until I came across this one, it so sizzles.
Maybe in light of the scriptures quoted on the picture, the following ties in better than I could have even planned...Our loving Father and elder Brother Jesus, dealing with that stuff which has been exploiting us and making merchandise out of what is HIS!

A good friend of mine has shared this very funny, but painful season in his life when the Lord was making something most clear to him.
My friends name is Rick..He said it was impressed upon him this way. God speaking to Rick, "Son, I'm thrilled you are in love with me, but the good/bad news is, the me you're in love with, isn't ME"!

What the^*+~*%??

Is it any wonder that the religious landscape is what it is, when at best, we have all been following blindly nothing more than a caricature of God?
You know the one who says, "Hey come follow me, I want to make your life a picnic with no end of fun and thrills, but no spills~Ha!
I'm sure if I had heard Him say, "Come follow Me, I have a perfect planned out life of suffering just tailored made for you, oh, and by the way, I'm going to shake the ever living shit outa your life...what the hell, I must be hallucinating here..surely that couldn't be God?

As I said, if God, the one we think we're in love with is but a caricature, why would we not believe he came to simply add 'life' to an already in motion full of ' a action Jackson' mover and shaker?

In light of this caricature God that seems so popular, lets try this one on for size, I'm sure one size fits all?
Perhaps you are praying for a "breakthrough" in some area of your life. If so you have a wonderful opportunity to meet God especially if you were taught God never gives us more than we can bear - And HE HAS. Relax, God is committed to giving us more than we can bear; otherwise we will never learn to depend on him and give up trusting in SELF and abandon all confidence in the flesh. [Phil 3:9]
What the hell, I rebuke you Satan!!!!!!

Here's a real tasty hors douvre (for the ones beginning to see He isn't a fabricated lifeless caricature God at all) from over at Jim's Blog

"Taking It In The Gut (I Suck At That Too)

I loved this and my heart goes out to this precious brother who is having the ever loving shit removed from his life, most painful, but oh so necessary..gonna let you in on a little secret, this real Jesus we are coming to 'know', He hasn't lost His balls, and the good news is, He's going to lovingly shake all and any facades you and I would like to hang onto, especially as long as it makes ME look good.
Other wise how could I ever preach the gospel of 'Wining Friends and Influencing People"?

I want to throw this kicker into the mix as well. If it's Life we want, but are we remotely willing or ready to acknowledge that's what just might be unfolding in my feeling as if I'm loosing my ever loving mind?
Come on Rich, get a grip ole boy, you know that can't be life, it's way to MESSY!

Everyone knows that's why we came to Jesus in the first place, He was going to save me from messiness!
Or is He 'shaking' loose everything that has been sucking the life out of me.

Oh, one last piece of great news, none of us is going to get out alive...come on let's follow this Mad Max, it might just be worth encountering some One other than our caricature God.


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