Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our Birthright

I like these quotes from Jim Palmer.


Relevant Magazine did a write up on his new, soon to be released book Wide Open Spaces


"Too often we become dependent on other people—a favorite leader, teacher, speaker, author—for determining Truth. Rather, it’s helpful to see those roles are really “sheepdog” roles. The sheepdog role is to get sheep (people) to the Shepherd (God). That’s it. Then your knowing and interacting with the presence of God within you takes over.

There is a sizable gap between the number of knowledgeable Christians and the number of Christians who express the reality of God. Why is that? Really, why is that? I wonder if it’s because we too often take someone else’s word for it, rather than experiencing for ourselves God’s Spirit confirming Truth within us. Maybe that’s the difference between knowledge and knowing. We acquire knowledge by absorbing teachings others show us, but knowing occurs when the life of God within you reveals a truth and your spirit says, “I know that I know.”

In light of what I posted yesterday regarding hearing, not just listening, but hearing, I see this to be a beautiful expansion on that thought.

I believe it's our Birth Right, to be totally loved and accepted unconditionally, and in that perfect atmosphere of love, we are able to truly live. Living as a result of hearing the loving voice of our Father. Freed to live because we're able to grow up in His love for us.
Maybe He knew what He was talking about when he said, 'Call NO man your father.'

A friend and I were discussing what Jim said here along with many other things he has written, and I thought what my friend Dave said was spot on..

He's asking questions like many of us...I said yes! I see love freeing us/him to not be afraid of being wrong in attempting to flesh out things!!


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