Thursday, December 13, 2007

15 Plus ? = 35? The New Math

Today according to the calender it was my fifteenth year at Canada Post, we won't talk about the first twenty years, those were just for fun.

Long story short I started at Canada Post in August 1973, and that in and of itself was nothing short of a miracle, grace I think thy call it.
After fifteen months of not missing a single day of work, (which is another one of those miracles) I got the brain wave of leaving the PO, what was that all about?Funny thing about that, today in our local PO I was talking with a management person that use to be the superintendent from my old post office and city I use to live in, wow, talk about coincidence or what.

There just seems to be way too much mail under the bridge to go into a lot of detail, suffice it to say this, I left the PO I think, three times all together in search of the 'Holy Grail' aka, going into the "MINISTRY"!
One of my colleagues remarked today, 'Richard, maybe they were confused with the fifteen year pin they gave you and maybe it should have been a thirty five year one instead'?

It sure was and is a mixed bag of mail I'll tell ya, all in the name of wanting God more than anything else in my life, and now here I am after all those years of the 'tail shaking the dog', trying to find Him in what I was so sure of, pursuing the ministry.
Heck, I eventually succeeded and became a pastor in two different flavored groups, only to discover according to the folks hiring me, that God had made a mistake, and I was no longer needed.

So with all of this being stirred up (a fresh) in the whirl of emotions today and that grand gala of my 15th year and having my hand shook by our new superintendent and having my picture taken, how could I not BE a happy camper???

I guess becoming a 'pastor' is so much easier than daily experiencing His loving pulverizing in my life, wanting to make me broken bread and poured out wine for others?

For those needing a laugh after this uplifting post: what do you call two letters stuck together, give up? Mail bonding...please laugh, I can't stand the rejection :)


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