Monday, December 31, 2007

Don't Confuse Me With The Facts, My Mind Is Mucked Up

Is it really mind over mattress? Give me another ten minutes to sleep on it and I'll let you know?

I'm not sure what world others live in, but mine basically starts that way each day, heck, it even started that way this morning, defying the law.
In the re-birthing there was instituted within me a whole new dynamic (law) that previously didn't exist, the Law of the spirit of life. The other Law, the law of sin and death, or as I like to call it, the gravitational pull of sin and death was there, and at the sake of disturbing some erroneous thinking, is still very much there.
It is these two opposing laws, or dynamic tensions that my Father is using in making real to me the one who says, I AM!

We, like water and electricity will always follow the path of least resistance for example, in having been shaped in sin and born in iniquity we were locked into what we have been duped into believing is real, the prison house of human nature, it is all we have ever known, it defines all that we see as being real, until another Law was introduced in us, the Law of Life.
Sin still effective and operational within our flesh has not been obliterated, and its impetus the father of lies still works in and through it as long as we only know what we perceive as being real, vs what (who) the Truth is.

In sharing with a friend yesterday we found it sadly amusing how we almost inevitably resort to a default reaction to what we are experiencing in the confusion, hurt, disorientation of our circumstances and situations that are new each and every day.
I don't know about you, but it still seems the most natural and instinctive thing to DO in life's upheavals is to try and address the issue/s with my ability-resources which is really much like stepping into quicksand, the more you move, the faster you sink, and eventually die.
Is my God-Father someone who was, or someone who will be, or like the Deist see him, from a distance watching us squirm and trying to do our best? Or is He now not only IN me, but in me as me?

For a minute lets look at God's answer to Moses' question when he asked God, when Pharaoh asks, who sent me, God's answer was, "Tell him, I Am that I Am has sent you". Cute answer, but what had that to do with the 'real' circumstances and situations Moses was in, knowing that Pharaoh was just itching for the opportunity to kill Moses, seeing how his forty year stint in the desert didn't accomplish that.
Our perceived understanding regarding the real life stuff that seems to be crashing in on us is not some cruel cosmic joke happening at my expense, but rather my Father's way of making known to me the Truth of that very same I AM, but unlike in Moses' situation this I Am is joined to me.

The Law of the Spirit of Life is there, now, in us and wanting to be set into motion. It will feel at first as if I am trying to produce, manufacture by my own efforts some kind of magic that will extricate me from all of this crap.
Maybe where it says, 'Stand still and see the salvation of your God, or, Be still and Know that I Am God', has much to do with the living God I am now joined to/with.
Wasn't there a time when Jesus' disciples came to him and asked the quintessential question, 'Master, what must we DO to DO the works of God', and Jesus replied, 'This IS the work of God, that you believe in/on Him whom the Father has sent'. But isn't there something for me to DO, other than simply believing? Could this possibly have anything to do with the exhortation of, 'labor (strive) to enter that Rest'?

I look forward to unpacking this even further, stay tuned, and please say high when you visit me here on my blog.
A very Happy New Year to all!!


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