Friday, December 07, 2007

The Trained Professional

With breath taking and unbelievable ease the person (right before our eyes) seemingly cuts through the most difficult of problems like a hot knife through soft butter.
You know, those images we've all seen and heard from the mystical guru, 'the trained professional', with explicit warnings, 'do not try this at home folks, we are trained professionals. All in the name of trying to sell you something, you think you need.

The following quote is from an interview ( with Paul Young the author of the book, The Shack. "Control is a need for certainty and faith doesn't grow in certainty".
I would say yes, BUT! In fact it IS the certainty of His love, the most rapturous power available to man, working in the hidden, secret recesses of a persons inner most being, and there establishing upon the unmovable bed rock of His unconditional love, the miraculous!
It says the Jesus was the first born of many sons yet to come forth, and it is in the womb of the Fathers heart, a heart that knows only pure love, that we are being established in the Truth, Life and the Way!

A comment left for me by my dear and precious brother Dave from Rhode Island, 'the reason why I like these things he shares here is because I see them happening in me'. Dave was commenting on something another brother had shared that we were reflecting upon.

It is a joy being able to hear how the love of God the Father is making His heart known to everyday nobodies, but when that unfolds in our lives, it gets real personal, or as I like to say, the gospel of good news begins to own us.
I shared with Dave this morning this thought (one of many we exchanged) "The beauty of the Father's love frees us to compliment one-another, and then Dave's response to me, when we no longer have anything left to gain, lose, or prove... then it's all Him, baby."

I see this reality dawning in so many hearts, a new found depth of security in the growing knowledge of His love, whereby we freely give out of what we have freely received in Him. I guess what I am trying to say is, that the term Jim Palmer has coined to illustrate and highlight a most significant point, is using the words "Divine Nobodies" to clearly show, that there is NO need for giving into the illusion of needing a 'trained professional' in order to become intimately acquainted with this God of love, or as Jim said, he had a Master of Divinity and yet didn't really know the Divine one!

This additional quote from Jim Palmer succinctly stains things real good: "in any event, this "nobody" thing is kinda throwing people off. as it turns out, the world is filled with people who desire to be known as a spiritual guru in one form or another, and it only follows that gurus generally act in a certain way, and try not to give away their big secret, which is, there’s no big secret. there is only the plain and simple truth, which is quite capable all it’s own to get any person’s attention if they are truly interested."

I may just be dumb enough to believe the following. Whether it would be a Jim Palmer or Paul Young, or fill in the blanks with that certain someone that impresses you, I honestly believe there would be a mutual delight in hearing each others story's.
For example, here is something shared on a blog, a brother commenting on having watched a video interview with Paul Young the author of the book The Shack said, "Make's me wish I could sit in a coffee shop with him for a couple of hours."
Indeed it would be wonderful, but in my opinion the wonder would revolve not around some one, but around some-One, the same Christ in us both, and his glory uniquely being expressed through one another.
Think about it, untrained professionals being and doing the impossible, because they know they are LOVED!


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