Monday, December 24, 2007

Mary Did You Know

Mary Did You Know

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There is so much not only wrapped up in human flesh and blood, the Word that dwelt among us, but in that Word coming to earth in and through a human body, Mary!

His birth was announced by an angelic choir, he was crowned The Lord by the Magi, King proclaimers.
What should have been a time of shouting and great joy was mysteriously held in caution by Mary.

Did Mary know what awaited her, in her bowing to the Angels words he bore from on high, that she would bear, give birth to the Son of God, did she know what sorrow, what anguish would pierce her heart in saying YES to Him? Do I know?

Christmas time is a very mixed bag for me. I was saying to my wife, its as if something, some part of me shuts down inside at this time, I feel very ambivalent, mixed with a great sense of sadness.
I'm glad I don't have to try and escape this upheaval, but simply embrace Him in the midst of it all. I am looking forward to our time together as a family tonight and tomorrow as well, it will be wonderful celebrating His life in us together.

The Mary body was the first of many to come, Christ in you the hope of glory!


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