Wednesday, December 12, 2007

and then Life happened

If our flesh is capable of producing what we stand in need of, then what the hell was His death really all about?
As I have said before, 'Nothing is as it appears to BE'!

I was supposed to have a Dell on-site tech show up today to fix my notebook that went down over the weekend, and to add to the disappointment of him not showing up after I went ahead and paid the additional fees to have this service, and making a point to be here for him when he called, nothing, a NO show!!
Oh well, life happens.

Tonight my wife and I got a wonderful meal put together for our son and his two room mates and a son of one of his room mates. Everything was in place, a delicious meal, the house looking as beautiful as possible and time kept slipping by, but No son showing up!
Again, life happens.

What I am discovering with 'life happening' lately, is a wonderful surprise of seeing His life coming forth. Am I disappointed, sure, both with the tech not showing up as well as my son and his roomies not showing up as well, but, my wife and I had a nice meal together, and we had the opportunity of sharing the sweetness of His life in a somewhat bitter unfolding.

He is so good!


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