Thursday, December 20, 2007

Is It Here Yet

Christmas time, just about to happen again, just two more working days-whew.
Its been as usual, a pretty busy time for us posties delivering all of those wonderful Christmas cards and parcels to our customers.

I find Christmas time to be a mixed bag emotionally for me, but I do look forward to the time off, even if its just for two days.
Our daughter is coming home for the holidays tomorrow (along with her friend), we haven't seen her since this summer, its been a very busy time for her this semester at University.
We are so proud of this young lady, and seeing how the Lord in His way is guiding her and making Himself known to her.

It may end up being a busier Christmas than we had anticipated, as our son will now be with us as well. Initially he was going to be leaving Christmas day to go to San Francisco, but that fell through. One of his room mates might be coming over as well, since his parents broke up and his father moved back to Poland. Also a co-op high school student that helps my wife with her children at school, was invited by my wife to come over for Christmas as well if she wanted to. She is going through a very rough time in her life, so much family turmoil happening all around her.

It is a magical time of year for sure, a time and a season for all things.

I love finding just the right picture to hang my blog entries on, and the thought hit me, why not take a picture of a recent picture my precious wife painted and use it. In my opinion it is one of her finest she has done yet.


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