Friday, August 08, 2008

Blinded by the Light: Addendum

In my last blog entry, I included a link to Kent’s site, Faithfully Dangerous. I wanted to illustrate some thoughts I had, and it was not intended to be a criticism to what he shared. More to the point, it was an opportunity for me to put forward many new thoughts I had that his comment triggered, so thanks, Kent!

His blog entry was entitled “Hope In Our Brokenness”, and the key word that leapt out at me was ‘brokenness.’ Because of not seeing clearly and by that I mean allowing our Father to open our eyes to the truth of what a ‘nature’ actually is comprised of, it is only natural that we define this. For clarification, brokenness is that which has permeated all of humanity. None have been born into this world escaping that inevitable brokenness - none.

The title, ‘Blinded by the Light’ is a graphic illustration of what actually happened in the garden when the ‘angel of light’ a.k.a. the serpent, offered an eye-opening temptation, that Adam and Eve could become their own god. Funny thing is, this alleged illumination totally blinded them from seeing and knowing just how incarcerated they had become to the flesh.

It is out of this blindness that we have defined our position on what is good and bad behaviour. But wasn’t that the same mind set back in Jesus’ day when He was disparagingly accused of being a ‘friend of sinners’? You know, the ‘broken ones’ - those who’s badly flawed behaviour indicated that they needed professional help. Of course these self-righteous ones were only too obliging to bring these misguided sinners under their imposed control.

Like then, the deception that still keeps us all bound, especially those of us who do NOT see that apart from His nature (no matter how flawless our living appears to be), a bad nature (tree) cannot produce good fruit.

Maybe it’s time to ask the only One who is able, to open our blinded eyes to see unmistakably and NO longer to appraise (judge) anyone after the flesh!


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