Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Recent Struggles

In my recent struggles I sensed Father whispering this into my heart; The miracle of your being reborn was to BE with me, and I have made it totally possible for you to be as close to me as I am now to you. I became totally man, your brother, in order for you to believe that we can totally relate, and out of this will come forth a growing relationship because I need you.

You have yet to comprehend that when I created the first man Adam who became a living soul, I pronounced over him, “This is very good.” Son, that pales in comparison to what has been done in you through that last Adam my son Jesus Christ who has made you fully alive, so much more than just a living soul. I want you to know I have been smitten by you! I didn’t cause you to become fully alive to bring me glory, but for one purpose alone, to BE my loved and cherished son in whom I delight.



Kent said...

I am absolutely certain Rich that this is exactly what he thinks of you without ceasing.

Rich said...


Thanks bro, yes indeed.
Saying (the right words) He loves me verses coming to know/experience the reality and power of those words is what is rocking my world, and I am willing to keep rocking :)


It's way late here and I'm leaving a comment on this post you wrote back in August, Bro.

I don't know if you'll see my comments, but what you wrote here was beautiful and spoke deep to me.

His love for us is amazing.

Much love to you -Dave

Rich said...


Father thank you for taking me back here through your heart encounter with my precious friend and brother Dave.

Papa you amaze me when I see some of the very words I have put together being so full of your heart for me and all those you Love!

Jesus, thank you for honouring us as your brothers!!