Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sharing Life

Every summer ever since we moved into our new neighbourhood three years ago, usually in July we get together for a block party/meal/get together.
It is always a wonderful time to say the least. I always go away so deeply impacted by the wealth of richness each and every one of these dear people has experienced in their individual lives, and how that spills out into our conversations over a pot luck meal lovingly shared together.
On a surface perusing you would simply miss out on the wealth of how they have been shaped through the good, bad and ugly of every day living.

Somehow in our once a year get together it never seems to be an issue of detailing our identity’s, ‘what do you do.’ It’s more of a free flow melding of enjoying life and freely sharing it amongst each other.

I'm use this illustration to point to something just as important that has bothered me for some time.
Much of my reading, interacting is with fellow family and friends those outside of the institutional settings, not saying that connecting with those still in the institutional settings is not possible, but! More often than not any sharing that would take place is usually a channeling of what their Priest, Pastor, or Rabbi has said that usually eclipses anything that they would ever think or feel as being meaningful or important.

I so want to try and get this out where I can see what I’m trying to say, as I see it being most important.
Why is there in the minds of so many this groupie, personality worship thing anyway? Meaning, is it not the same Spirit, Life, Seed, Christ in all who have been reborn, then what makes one life more important than another simply because one has a prefix of Dr, Reverend, or Pastor before their name?
What are they afraid of, is not simply being one of the guys enough for them? Is there a ‘status’ bestowed on them that exceeds what we all have in Christ?

If we are to NO longer know anyone after the flesh, even those as Paul said who walked with the Christ as Jesus of Nazareth, we are to no longer relate with one another in this worldly manner.
Please hear my heart if you dare, I love reading, listening to pod casts etc, but in my doing so I am simply hearing, listening to the voice of my Father expressing Himself uniquely through these people no differently than those who have NO callings, anointing, podiums to promote their weekly pod casts, books or seminars or webs sites.
Unfortunately as my wife shared in my last blog entry it seems that it is a given when the name of a certain individual is dropped, it appears to be synonymous with God himself speaking, rather than the Father uniquely speaking, sharing His heart through His body which IS the Church!

I love seeing and hearing how the Father of our spirits is making Himself ever so real, causing such a vibrant living reality to be theirs without any need to acknowledge any one other than the Father himself working through a myriad of ways. I am thrilled we can learn of the Father through anyone and not just through the ‘pedigreed professionals.’

“And I will build my Church”!


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