Sunday, August 24, 2008

Every Breath You Take

Seemingly out of nowhere this alarming and persistent message washes over me like the warm summer waves as I sit by my favourite lake, “Son I so want to celebrate you and everything you do.” This just doesn’t register with how fear has shaped my thinking, or how I see myself as one deemed undesirable.
This road block is somehow being overcome within my heart by a way and means of someone greater than me.

I know God is Love, but in my heart, I am being awakened to see, experience the truth of what I so glibly spout. I feel at times my heart will stop because of the over load, as he whispers yet again, “Son, I cherish you.”

The video clip I’m using here is from the Police singing, “Every Breath you take,” it resonates within my spirit not as a giant cop in the sky, or a spy just waiting for my next screw up to pounce on me, but rather of a doting eager Father passionately filled with deep compassion for me, His son.


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