Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Free to Choose

We have all been indelibly stained within our thinking; the basis of truth (reality) for us is founded upon and defined in a lie, how we see/perceive ourselves according to our fleshly mind sets.
These fleshly mind sets are bummer birth marks we wish we could ignore, cover up or remove, and in fact we do our best to do just that. There is NO escape apart from the Truth.

I love the story about Gideon and how he was adamant in going ‘toe to toe’ with the Angel of the Lord who had cut through the lies he had grown up believing about himself. What nerve!
The Father of our spirit is not into flattery or trickery; he only speaks the truth of who He is and who we are in Him.
What we do is to try and set God straight by informing him of our inconsistent at best track record, usually things that define who we are in contrast to the conflicting message God says to be true about us.

In the case of Gideon, this other worldly encounter with the angel interrupts Gideon by calling him a ‘mighty warrior, or mighty man of valor,’ and this is not based upon whether or not it has come to pass yet, nonetheless it is the truth. Our Father always agrees with and rejoices in the truth.
Was it or is it any different now as it was then, was God talking about what was possible in the future, or was he telling him/me about our future?

I love this quote from Darin Hufford; “When God looks at you, He calls you by a name that has nothing to do with your present situation or mindset. Be excited about that and stop calling yourself the lying names of your present. There is a truth about you that is so wonderful and enticing that God cannot contain Himself whenever he looks at you. He sees that and only that. God truly rejoices with the truth about you.”

It is very easy to get all hyped up on a buzz we think is God especially after coming out of what my friend Dave said here: “And we know how easy it is, when once we've come through a fiery trial, to see and think more clearly and say how we should think/act/react,” but the truth our Father speaks to us is founded in reality and reality more often than not seems to violate what we think or feel. Any progress in moving forward if rooted in an emotional high of coming out on the other side of a dark night of the soul will soon leave us out of gas on the side of the road.

The truth of my future is rooted in the Truth of what Father says about me right now, this moment, and in my case He says to me, “Richard, I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind!”
Is He asking me to agree with Him, to believe this is true based upon some emotionally charged atmosphere or because He cannot lie? I am choosing to believe it is the latter. Like wise, the choice is yours.


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