Monday, August 11, 2008

Identity Crises

Taken from, The Life That is Real Life

The plan and purpose of the entire creation is about life. To put it another way, we do not do to be—we do what we do out of our surrender to our being (nature). What I mean by this is that the life we are submitted to determines our actions and not the other way around. Every living thing produces actions that are consistent with the nature that operates in them. The born again are a little different in this aspect of living because of our free will. We still produce actions consistent with a nature; however, we can choose a nature to obey.

With the born again, we choose to either follow a false life nature (the flesh) or our true life nature (Christ in our spirit). The important point here is that we never produce a nature by doing. Rather, our nature dictates the doing of our life. You cannot grow in the life of the Father by doing. You can only grow in the Father’s doing by growing in your living by the Father’s life.
The problem with the view of much of Christianity in this topic suffers from an error in sequence. Our doing can only properly come out of the life we have in us. We do the work of the Father only as we let our doing flow out of the influence of the life of Christ in us.

This is the doing that arises out of the spontaneous living of the Father’s life. This kind of living cannot be directed by an external organization or by another individual or even by oneself. When we are engaged in the Father’s business we are letting the life of Christ rule over us. The important thing to remember is that our doing comes out of our life and not our life coming out of our doing. This is why you cannot work your way into God’s favor.

In this we see the same principle at work in each individual as it is at work in the universe. Remember, God will correct the problems of the world by replacement and not by repair (
Revelation 21:1). The father does the same thing with each person. We are saved from our original life condition by replacement. Every person comes into the world with a flawed life—a life directed by the flesh. When we accept the gift of life through Christ we are made new by the transforming power of a new life in our spirit: (2Corinthians 5:17). In salvation we have a replacement of our old life situation by a new life opportunity. This is entirely Christ’s work and none of our own.
The only thing that is acceptable to the Father is the Son. This is why every born again believer is right now totally and eternally acceptable to the Father. Do what you will; you will never be more acceptable to the Father than when you consented to let Christ become your only life. If you have never submitted to letting Christ live in you then the converse is true. Without the life of Christ in you no amount of works or doing will make you acceptable to the Father. Your acceptability to the Father is a result of the life that now operates in you. This is exclusive of any doing.


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