Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blending In

When Constantine (Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus) became the first ‘Christian’ Roman Emperor, and proclaimed religious toleration throughout the empire and in making Christianity the State religion, was it no longer a novel or dangerous thing to be known as one who followed Christ?

No more threats of persecution because it was now all acceptable, palatable, heck, everyone could be known as a Christian by blending into the crowd.
This happened in the third century A.D. Is it going to take a shorter time or longer period before the ‘free rangers; those ‘out of the box’ those outside of the institutional religious systems to become the norm as it became in A.D. 3?



Dave A. said...

And the question will be... will it be a good or bad thing? Time will tell. Perhaps when we start hearing about the Free-Rangers Movement and then the Free-Rangers Post Reformation Evangelical denomination then we should be looking up hoping that Jesus isn't too far away.

Tyler Dawn said...

Yeah, it is not a good thing to be accepted and mainstream -- that's when we start doing bad stuff. then we will probably pass laws forbidding people to gather in buildings for fear that CHURCH will happen.

Don't laugh, anything is possible where human arrogance is concerned.