Friday, August 29, 2008

An Open Heart

The following is an excerpt from Bill Landon’s book, “The Devil You Don’t know.”

The only thing that a child of God can bring to the Father to assure success in their search for Him is an open heart. It is in this truth that we can see how poisonous the religious organizations of men are to this process. The religious organizations of men work to close the heart of the believer. This is done to protect the organization’s influence, doctrine or agenda.

How can we or anyone put limits on the God of the entire universe? This is ludicrous. Only by standing in complete openness to the Father’s instruction and leading can we ever hope to find Him. I believe that the Father allows this tension between the religious and the spiritual to force us to come to Him and Him alone. The friction between these two elements (religion and spiritually) is a superbly effective way of forcing us to choose between the Father and the world. More to the point, we must choose between the Father and the world.

This is what it means to seek God with an open and undivided heart. How heartbreaking it is to see the children of God seeking the Father and failing. They do not fail because the Father ejects them and they do not fail because they are defective. Rather, the children of God fail to find the Father because they seek “another god.” They seek the god that fits in with their doctrine, ministry or agenda. They seek the God that fits their ambitions and life style. In truth, this is not the Father at all but some foreign god:
Joshua 24:15. This is the same root cause for the failure of the unsaved people of the world to find the one true God.

The Father will not and indeed cannot honour such seeking. For the Father to honour this kind of seeking would require God to be less than what He truly is. He will, however, continue to call to His children to come to Him and Him alone. If we do this we will find the Father in that deep, personal relationship of a child and parent that is God’s most cherished wish for us.”



Tracy Simmons said...

This is SUCH powerful stuff. I can tell I'm going to be reading all of his books eventually.

Rich said...


I’m thrilled you are enjoying the book.

My wife and I often feel as if we have been permitted to see, an insight into a realm that has nothing to do with who we are or of what we have or don’t have, but has Everything to do with the generosity of a heavenly Father wanting to make known to anyone desiring Him, the Truth.

I personally believe what Father has made known to Bill, is the best guarded, kept secret from the beginning of time. I will go as far as saying that what I see being exposed brought to the light in Bill’s writings is the completion of the Mystery Gospel, of Christ in you the hope of glory, It is no longer I, but Christ, never the less I do live, yet not I, but Christ.

Every time I even begin to do what I’m doing here, launching out with what I see and know to be the truth re: what Bill shares, I get that ‘deer caught in the head light glazed look.’
Here is the kicker, the first time we were exposed to some of what Bill was sharing we too had a very cautious look on our faces I’m sure, but as strange and way out there as it appeared, there was a sense within is this is right, it makes perfect sense!

Here is but a sample; It is my understanding that Adam although pronounced ‘very good’ by the Father’s handiwork in creation, Adam-man was created without a nature, ergo, the two trees represented, provided the option of freely choosing, ‘life or death.’ Man required a moral governor, again the reason for the two tress.

It is my understanding that in the fall, Satan entering into man produced a metaphysical component that was not there before his fall, later to become known as the ‘flesh.’ This horrific descent, fall was so catastrophic that is in my opinion what came to be called human nature was but an illusion which Satan himself indwelt.

Tracy Simmons said...

So far no "deer in the headlight" looks from me, so you just keep on speaking/writing the truth! I'll let you know if/when I hit that point, and I'm sure I'll be laughing as I remember your warning!

Rich said...


That made me laugh so much-ha!

Just a warning though, deer season opens soon.