Thursday, September 18, 2008

But Speaking the Truth...

In the process of everything that can be shaken being shaken, there is an inner release within the believer a realized maybe not fully yet, voice, and that voice being the voice of the Father of our spirit.
Can you say emancipation-freedom with me?!

The picture I choose for this entry spoke to me in a violent and powerful way. As you will notice the tape on the mouth of the young girl, gagging her from exercising her ability to speak freely, is a visible metaphor depicting where the church has been for a very long time! That is changing rapidly, not by might, nor by power, but by a revelation of the total unconditional loving acceptance of God the Father.

In a few blogs I peruse frequently, I am being blown away in seeing the head of the church (which is His body) the same head over us all Christ Jesus, doing exactly what he said he would do, “And I will build my church”.

We have all been seduced to one degree or another coming out from under the opiate drugged influence of the Matrix of religion and then set out to discover the “Holy Grail, a perfect expression of how to do ‘church’ or, whatever else is vital to our perceived understanding of what it truly means to be a Christian. Pursuing what we feel is a holy cause, isn’t it always, we are being lied to and even distracted further from trusting the Father of our spirit to open the closed, blinded eyes of our heart.

In coming to know the Word, you know, “n the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God,” yes that Word, the Scriptures have never been or looked the same to me.
Here in Ephesians 4:14-16 is laid out what I am seeing first hand. As the Truth Himself is making His heart known to his children, out of that inner explosion of love, realty they in turn are speaking forth the Truth in Love, ergo, is causing the growth of the body to come together being built up in and through love.

I will only sight two examples of His heart that I am seeing with regards to the Truth being spoken in love that is making, setting the captives free.
Over at “The Best Parts” Tracy is expressing a tangible view of the Father’s heart for His church.
Over at Amy’s blog “Walking in the Spirit” she as well is being given a voice to speak the truth in love to His body.

In being privy to what the Father is making known, often the picture from the Old Testament where God says to a prophet, “Son of man, can this valley of dead bones return to life,” the prophet replies, “Lord only you know.”
The Lord then said to prophesy to this lifeless heap and stage after stage what was once a lifeless pile of rubble became fully alive.

To my way of thinking this was a shadowy metaphor for what I am witnessing in this hour of the church, His body no longer being tossed too and fro by every wind of doctrine, cunningly devised by demonic persuasion to keep it mute.



Amy said...


I, too, love what I am discovering all throughout the blogosphere. Indeed, Father is building His Church in His way, and it is seen as evidence in fellow brothers and sisters blogs of what the Holy Spirit is revealing to them how Body Life with others, and also their personal relationship with Him CAN look like. Papa is speaking within our hearts that it certainly is not a cookie-cutter dynamic. The colorful array of diversity and variety is beautifully evident. Papa is crushing all mindsets to but His Bride into one box.

P.S. Thanks for including a link and mention of my blogpage!

~Amy :)

Rich said...


My pleasure, I love seeing and hearing what only appears to be invisible to us all, His life, heart and love for us evidenced in and through you and so many more.

One of the things I didn't put down in this piece was how without the aid of the super-sized anointed special called ones, Papa seems to be bringing His church into all that He purposed from before time began~ha!!

Tracy Simmons said...
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Old Pete said...

It's difficult to know where to start. I had been trying to get my mind around your thought that there is no ministry apart from Christ in us AS US.

As I have said I have what I consider to be an uneducated belief - and one thing I cannot accept is that one day we know nothing, and the next day we are accepted as Christians.

I've just looked at Tracy's blog. She describes herself as a woman on a journey and also refers to Christendom. I see my life as a journey - and in a sense I've been outside the four walls of traditional Christianity (or churchianity) for almost 40 years. I would say that it's only in the last couple of years that I have really come to understand the difference between head knowledge and heart awareness. If we follow through with your thoughts, it seems to me that you are suggesting that that perhaps 37 years have been a waste of time. Tracy is suggesting a journey of growth.

It was when I read Eph 4.14-16 that it occurred to me that here was something to consider. Children grow - they need milk. Who is going to give it to them? They need a foundation - but life is full of foundations that are inadequate. There is a need for retrofits. The retrofits can be supervised by those who understand more of the needs of the building - but they don't have to have all knowledge.

What place Christendom? What place the church as we know it?

Do we have to accept Christ in order to be saved? Could it be that we have all been redeemed, but it takes a lifetime for some of us to realise something of what that means - while others seem to be totally unaware of what is going on?

Sorry if this is confusing but I find it hard to follow some of your 'intellectual' processing. That is positively not a criticism. You clearly have a need to process your thoughts - and that is something that many other bloggers are doing - and that is great. I have been discussing with others why people start blogging and then tail off. One person said that as they came to understand that they were not alone in their thinking they didn't need to constantly express their thoughts, and were ready to move on.

As I have explained on my web site, I have a perspective (a paradigm) based on an understanding of the meaning of 'church', what seems to be a healthy questioning of theology, and a suggestion of the ongoing journey of life (that includes the thought that God knew beforehand that Adam and Eve would go the way they did) because they ate of the tree of good and evil.

I'm not saying this is right - it is a perspective that makes sense to me - it seems to be a sound foundation that makes sense of some of the difficult theological questions.

I'm happy to share thoughts like this openly but if you want to reply privately please feel free.

Rich said...


I’m not sure I fully understand your terminology here, “uneducated belief” as I see it, this has nothing to do with one’s intellect at all. That which our Father is offering us in His son is utter foolishness to the natural minded man, it’s His spirit in us that as it were unfolds, brings revelation to us in our continued dependency on Him.

Continuing with your thoughts here, it’s not that we don’t know anything, and then suddenly as you put it, we’re accepted as Christians. We know nothing about what the spiritual realm that we have been re-born into. And our acceptance is as His son’s not as Christians.

“If we follow through with your thoughts, it seems to me that you are suggesting that that perhaps 37 years have been a waste of time. Tracy is suggesting a journey of growth.”

Of course NOT, our time in our journey is Never wasted, and yes it IS a forward growing maturation in Him. As well as the difference between head knowledge and heart awareness, we can be a believer for decades, His very child, and yet without revelation continuing to live no different than before being received of the Father, continuing to live apart from Him, by trying to LIVE the “Christian life”.
The only foundation that will withstand what is to be properly built upon it is His total unconditional loving acceptance of us, and once that is laid by Him, we will ever continue to grow experientially in the unfolding revelation of His heart of love for us.

Yes, redemption is for all, but all will not experience what has been made available to us, why, we are free to choose, and in my opinion the Father has been and continues to woo every single person on the planet, to respond to what is available in Him. As a matter of fact, I believe Father has given EVERY person a gift-measure of faith to do that very thing, “respond” to His wooing them!

“Sorry if this is confusing but I find it hard to follow some of your 'intellectual' processing.”
No problem, I have difficulty following me as well.
Indeed Father did know exactly what was going to happen before any of it came to pass, that’s why it says, “From before the foundations of the world, He provided a Lamb, His son, and He was slain, and then in space time and history, this which was already done out side of time was consummated here on earth!

I look forward to further conversation with you my brother.