Thursday, September 11, 2008

Is it Christ-Life, or Church-life

I was on my way home finishing up my mail route when this thought burped up into view.
Am I being loved of the Father because “It’s His ministry”, or am I being loved for who’s I am?
I can just imagine the looks on the face of my wife, son and daughter when I tell them, you’re so loved by me, why, because it’s “my ministry”.
They look at me and ask, ‘what ministry is that dad,’ to which I reply, surely you jest, why of course it’s the ministry of I’m so full of myself I can hardly stand it!

Right from the get-go I know I am not stupid enough to think for even a nano second that I am going to write some definitive treatise on differentiating between one word and another. In this case the difference between the Life of (Christ) the Father and church life.
Words are, and always will be synonymous with meanings that might be true to a person, and yet when one believes white is actually black and vice versa, does that make it so-true?

It takes what it takes to slice, cut through the deception and blindness in us all, none of us has escaped or gone unscathed being born in sin and shaped in iniquity, none!
The disentanglement taking place within a believers life is an inside job, the One who has called us is the same one saying the same thing, “If you continue to follow me, you will KNOW the truth and the TRUTH will set/make you free.”
Truth is only relative as long as it is not evidenced in a person, the Christ as Jesus.

More and more I am seeing ‘ministry’ being a cheap substitute for something that will impress others with who I am. Only the love of the Father is able to bring definition and completeness in and to us, and make us living expressions of His heart for this world. Why would I want a ministry when His grace has opened a door no man can shut, a door he has opened wide to know this One who has called me to BE His.

I remember my former pastor saying to me in light of sharing some of things Father had been making real in and to me, “Rich, we are saying the same things.” I went away shaking my head in bewilderment; we were NOT saying the same thing. White really is Not black.

A table is not a chair, and a chair is not a table, oh the desperate need for the eyes of our heart to be opened, that He would flood us through and through with His wisdom along with the spirit of revelation and continue to pull back the (curtain) veil, that we might SEE Him and no longer confuse His life in us as us, for the best that flesh can do calling it the church!

Even so Lord, come!



Joel B. said...

Hi Rich,

I've thought about this before as well. What if I were to say to my wife, "I love you," and she were to (hypothetically) ask me, "Why do you love me, honey?" What if my answer was what so many people seem to actually think, even if they won't say it... "Honey, I love you because the Bible says I'm supposed to love you" or "because God tells me to love you."

Silly really.

As for "ministry," I've come to see that my "ministry" is nothing more or less than me being who I am.

Rich said...


"As for "ministry," I've come to see that my "ministry" is nothing more or less than me being who I am."

Bro, does it get any better than that, to BE His cherished son in whom he wildly delights, cuts me to the quick.

Thank you for being you Bro!