Saturday, September 13, 2008

Clouded Minds

The following are some comments I made on Tracy’s blog from this entry.

“One of the things that hit me powerfully was the look into Skedgell's life as a child and teen. If you want to know how to set your kids up so that they'll want to join a cult, her home life can point you in the right direction. Her childhood set her up to be manipulated, used, and abused by leaders and members of TWI. It's an important point to consider when talking about spiritual abuse. What is the set up in a person's life that allows them to be drawn into a cult? A look into her childhood spells it out pretty clearly.”

Also comments that tie in with this entry as well.
“VanVonderen talks about when anyone has been spiritually abused one of the things that has to be addressed is brainwashing. He says: There has to be an aspect of brainwashing in order for them to keep receiving this. You almost have to deprogram people, and the way you do that is with graceful messages and graceful relationships that give people permission to be in the struggle.”

Tracy, I’m quoting from different entries on your blog, I hope you can make sense of my comments relating to them?

This will tie in with this quote and the one below, I think. Because of the father of lies being permitted to enter into the human race through the pare in the garden freely giving him their consent, all of us in my opinion were born into the matrix of religion, and Satan being as it were, ‘the father of all religion.’
This religious world of sin we have been born into is nothing but abusive, its economy is solely established, rooted in Law, performance based approval-acceptance. None of us have ever, apart from God the Father experienced total unconditional loving acceptance.

Because of being born in sin and shaped in iniquity we have all from the womb, been brain washed, it has indelibly polluted and stained our in-look as well as our out-look, our ‘world view’.
I love it where Jesus is trying to carry on a conversation with Nicodemus , a highly respected professional, who at best, scratched his head, saying, duh, what do you mean, I have to be born again? It’s interesting to note here that this man wasn’t some Palestinian ditch digger. I am not be crude or bigoted by saying his, but if this learned man couldn’t grasp what Jesus referred to as the elementary things, then how could he ever see or comprehend the more, Jesus had for him?
Why is it, and I’m asking this more as a rhetorical question, that so many that had 3-D dramatic conversions all without too many exceptions, got sucked almost immediately right back into the local institutional expression of the matrix?
We are ALL being deprogrammed, (transformed)) by the renewing of our mind (soul) and without the same grace working within our soul ,missing heaven is not e worst thing that can befall the believer.

Having gone through the portal of grace and into His family, we are ALL adjusting to what is REAL, and discovering for the very first time, what really is normal.
These were some quick thoughts that came to mind, I welcome any feed back, at best I am thinking out loud, definitely not chipping this into stone, yet.


This was Tracy’s reply to what I commented on, her blob.

“Rich, you are making totally sense, and yes I follow the quotes and your comments easily. You are so completely so right on with this sentence:

"Having gone through the portal of grace and into His family, we are ALL adjusting to what is REAL, and discovering for the very first time, what really is normal."

That is one powerful sentence, brother--you should definitely put that one on your own blog! That's been my journey for the past 11 years...adjusting to what is REAL!

Thanks for taking the time to think, share, and write. You're helping me immensely on this journey.”


Wendy J. Duncan said...

"What is the set up in a person's life that allows them to be drawn into a cult? A look into her childhood spells it out pretty clearly.”

It always bothers me when people seem to think that the reason an ex-cultist joined a cult was because of a family of origin issue. The truth is most people have been raised in less than perfect families, but what propels them into cult involvement has more to do with a need to belong and to be loved. Walter Martin said that cults are the unpaid bills of the church.

As someone who was raised in the Baptist church, who had a graduate degree from a conservative theological seminary, and who had many years of experience in the mental health field, I should have been the last person to join a cult! I was recruited at a vulnerable time in my life and ended up staying in a Bible-based cult for over seven years. Although I am still healing from that experience, it has been a struggle to reconnect with God.

Thank you for addressing this issue - it's an important one.

Wendy Duncan
Author: I Can't Hear God Anymore: Life in a Dallas Cult

Anonymous said...

Amen. Indeed, w all are being de- and re-programmed from the poisonous messages learned from the Religious mindset.
It certainly IS an ongoing least I'm discovering.
Yet, I've been incredibly surprised at how wholely/fully and much more quickly Papa, Son and Spirit are bringing Truth into my heart about so much!

Has this been your experience too?

When I look back at the number of years it took to "learn" such lies, it's seems to be taking much less long for Him to discard them and rebuild and teach me Truth. The thing, however, that I'm not really having to start from "Square 1."

What I mean is that the moment ALL believers receive God into our hearts at salvation, we receive ALL Truth!!!

Thus, what is happening to us now, is that He is working to unravel, unmire and "kick-out" all that we've "taken in" that is false, so that only Truth exists, and thus, we can "see" and "know" it much more clearly and brightly.

At least, this is the explanation, today, how I'm perceivng this amazing transformational process.

~Amy :)

Rich said...


One of the many delights Papa has permitted me, is in how He is giving his sons/daughters their own, special and unique voice.

There are no right or wrong ways of wanting to learn to be as real as grace permits us.
I am seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, touching, tasting and feasting opon the True Bread Christ in each of you as you!

My heart breaks for those who have been dumbed down under the task master whips of religion. But even in this hellishness, I am daring to believe He is speaking Life to and in the precious ones. Go ahead and say I'm dead and gone, I WILL RISE AGAIN!

Rich said...


Thank you for your comments, they are appreaciated.

In my opinion we are all coming out from being entrenched in the cult of the Matrix of religion.
The ongoing renewing,transforming of our souls will attest to this.

The father of lies, the father of religion, one and the same does not object to us settling for a form, instead of the substance of Him in us as us, and that being fleshed out moment by moment!!