Saturday, September 20, 2008


Here is a peculiar thing: many Christians claim that any change they experience in their lives comes as a result of ‘osmosis’. Who is this Osmosis, anyhow? Moses’ shape-shifting twin?
Is the outworking of what our Father has perfectly worked in us (salvation) happening because of this mythical personality of Osmosis, magically setting us on a course of never having to choose, make any more choices or decisions? It’s all going to happen if I like it or not.

Just look at the goodness of our Father, right from the beginning in the garden, when He gave man the choice to become fully ALIVE, or to choose death, resulting in a form of godliness. The Father knew that the state these two, Adam and Eve were living in was one of innocence; this was not meant to become a substitute for becoming FULLY alive.
In being re-born, this is just the beginning of a life time of further choices we will continue to make because of His grace being fully available as it was in our spiritual re-birthing.

This idea of ‘osmosis’ is something that sounds so delightful, somehow actually believing that all further growth will be an effortless work of God in us without our willing consent, and from what I can see this choosing to move forward is totally available as we respond to His ability.

Is this what would have happened in the garden had they chosen life over (death) knowledge, having arrived, made perfect? Or is it out of that perfect work of the Father in our spirit, we are experiencing the continued perfect work of grace, now saving and transforming our soul?
I heard it said regarding our kids, what perfect little angles we have, only until their will is crossed, and then we wonder where these little devils came from.

Without understanding how the Father has designed us, spirit, soul and body, is it any wonder we have all been seduced into accepting, believing in another gospel, a gospel where we do not actively engage in.
I intend to elaborate on this further in another collection of thoughts on my other blog.


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Amy said...

Great post!
Indeed, it saddens me when I hear of people who believe that they don't really have to engage in an intentional relationship with our Living God. much they are missing!

Amen! Yes, I do believe that Father works within our spirit to transform us moment-by-moment. It definitely is NOT an osmosis process. It's so fully a partnership, a union, a working and moving together in cooperation.

Good stuff Rich.

~Amy :)