Sunday, September 07, 2008

Quick Lobotomies

At my wife’s suggestion, I am going to make available names of some of the books that have been used greatly of the Father in my personal ongoing transformation.

I see it, our being ‘translated’ out of/from the kingdom of darkness into the Family of God as the Scriptures refer to it, as entering into a whole new realm, world of existence and living. Much like what happened to the four children, (Peter, Susan, Edmond and Lucy) in the Narnia adventures, being translated through the portal of the wardrobe into a mystical world of adventure and wonder.

One hideous operation I experienced and realized after the fact within the template of organized religion was my being lobotomized, maybe very similar to how one boils a frog in very slight increments.

One thing I know religion can NOT tolerate is one daring to question the given, established, collective approved of God body of knowledge.
I see it being much like the adage ‘children are to be seen, not heard’.

So many torturous devices have been designed to either lobotomize or emasculate those simply trying to respond to the Father of their spirit, prompting, nudging them from within burping up into their consciousness, ‘questions,’ God forbid!

The plethora of material that was once available to those wanting to pride themselves in looking better at doing better have become a foul stench to many of those same believers.

I know for a fact our Father is NOT restricted or limited in any manner, He is most capable of establishing fully mature sons; He is our source and our only Life. It is also good to know He is able to speak uniquely in our own personal language, and each of us discovering He is fully present and relatable.
He welcomes us, embraces us, in all and any questions we might have, He so desires to be a joint participant of our adventure and journey in discovering what it means to BE Loved.

Here are some of the books especially by my friend Bill Landon that I have read and read over again that continue to be used in transformation.

The Life That Is Real Life

The Devil You Don’t Know

The Rise and Fall of Self (The problem with us is us)

Life In The Leper Colony

My Father And Your Father

You can order them through,



Tracy Simmons said...

Oh thank you, Rich, and give you wife a big hug from me! I do so love to read and am always looking for books to further me along on this journey. I'm off to check them out right now.

Rich said...


These books I have listed by our dear friend Bill Landon is one of the very first brothers that actually wanted and valued my imput, suggestions on anything he wrote. I really thought I was hearing things when he said that.

He along with another dear friend that is a very close friend to Bill is my friend Art Lucurci.
Art is what I would call a 'grace' scholar, and by that I mean this brother has no fear of allowing the Holy Spirit to breath upon the lettter, and rightly divide it with no co-mingling added or subtracted from it.
Art and Bill bounce so many far out to the natural minded folks ideas off of one another, it's poetry in motion to be there as this unfolds.

Both my wife (Margi) and I feel deeply indebted to our loving Papa for these two treasured friends.

Both of these brothers had very high profile places at one time but Father in His wisdom say fit to allow them to be gloriously crushed and buried, but His life caused them to rise from the dead, His life in them has SO altered them, they are two of the most humble men I know, and that is pointing to His humilty visiably seeen in and through them.

Tracy Simmons said...

I ordered The Life that is Real Life (in electronic format) last night and am about 25 pages into it. Excellent stuff!

Does Art have books as well?

Final question: Do either of them have blogs? :)

Thanks again, Rich. You are a real blessing to me.

Rich said...


Here is the link to Art's writings, he hasn't writen any books of his own, (except for this ( but in a sense he has been one of the main catalysts for much of Bill's writing.

I just mentioned to my wife that you had ordered and started reading one of Bill's books, she said, tell her he is most radicale.

I look forward in hearing what might stand out to you in your reading.

Tracy Simmons said...

Excellent, thanks! I've read some really radical writers, so it will be interesting to me to see if I find him that "far out" there or not :). I'll be sure to let you and your wife know. By the way, where in Canada are you? Hubby and I are 30 minutes from the Canadian border, about 60 minutes from Montreal....

Rich said...


We live about 2 hours west of Toronto, not sure how many miles it would be from Montreal to Toronto.

I hate buzz words, tags, buttons and gimmick badges, but if I was to use one working with the word 'radical' it would be, "Free-radical's" :) and His ageless indestructable Life in us as us is not none aging, but is spilling into our needey life deprived soul, and freeing us to Be what He always purposed.

Tracy Simmons said...

Oh, you're quite a haul from us. It takes us seven hour to get to Toronto.

Wouldn't that be a funny name for a blog, Free Radicals? :)