Friday, October 24, 2008

The Certainty within Uncertainty

I love this image, I looked for something under the search of unshakable, and this gem undeniably spoke of its power.
The spirit of our Father speaks from and into the deep places within us, far deeper than mere logic or common sense, he cuts through the uncertainties with an assurance that He can be depended upon. Let's look at that spoken by Him, this promise for us way back then, and its living unshakable evidence for us today.

Though the cherry trees don't blossom and the strawberries don't ripen,Though the apples are worm-eaten and the wheat fields stunted,Though the sheep pens are sheepless and the cattle barns empty,I'm singing joyful praise to God. I'm turning cartwheels of joy to my Savior God.Counting on God's Rule to prevail, I take heart and gain strength.I run like a deer. I feel like I'm king of the mountain!

The scriptures like life are filled with apparent incongruencies or more to the point seemingly flagrant oxymoron’s.
One thing that is becoming undeniably clear to me is the uncertainty of daily life/events as well as it being unmistakably seen in flesh and blood people.

Does one as a Christ knower, have to apologize for the assurance, certainty that becomes the very fabric of their disposition as a result of becoming a new creation initiated through the finished work of the cross?
The following words, certainty, certitude, assurance, conviction, are nouns meaning at their root, freedom from doubt.
Maybe because so few of us as a Christ knower understand so little of how God the Father designed us in our physical makeup (spirit-soul-body), we are inclined to accept that when we are outwardly tossed to and fro in an ocean of doubt, all certainty and assurance is but wishful thinking?

Is it because we have been ruled by the prince of the air for most of our lives not only before being received of the Father, but in many if not most cases long afterward as well, meaning, if our point of reference is our soul instead of our spirit and it being in a union with God who IS a Spirit, what we think, feel, etc is the basis of reality then no wonder we resemble the tail shaking the dog-us!
Peace is a person, as is Truth, Life and Love are, but, peace is NOT the absence of war, conflict, disturbances, unsettledness, or any other thing that can unsettle our fragile world.

I love what Father is etching into the hearts of His children, it says within the Scriptures: “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that comes to God must believe that he is, and that he rewards those that diligently seek him.” Does grace have its own built in reward system?
Is faith something outside of the believer, is it a proverbial and vague “concept,” or is faith like everything else inseparable from the person of Christ in us as us?
Maybe what is freely available to us in Christ is this, “Now faith IS the substance of things hoped for, THE evidence of things not seen”!
Could it just be that because of sin and its corrupting, blinding influence upon all of nature as well as all humans included, there would be nothing more predictable than a steady diet of uncertainties?

Maybe as Papa is permitted to continue opening the eyes of our heart we WILL discover a resident unshakable, unmovable, and confidence and certainty of His stubborn and passionate Love for us that will Be the stability in the face of every uncertain myth-understanding?!
I would like to dive back into these very deep waters in the near future and further discover more hidden wonders and treasures He has waiting in the thick of all that is labeled as uncertain.


I had already posted this new entry before seeing this from He Loves Me, by Wayne Jacobsen. What I’m quoting here was the result of a tremendous battle Wayne was going through with nagging bouts of insecurities and as he said;

Though I could sustain the increased burden (of redoubling my efforts to be more committed) for a few weeks or months, I NEVER had any certainty that the things I was doing were enough to cause him to be delighted with me.”

It was because of a fresh revelation of the perfect work of God the Father on the cross through His Son that produced the following.

“That’s when it became clear. It is not the fear of losing God’s favour that takes us to the depth of fellowship with him and transforms our lives with his holiness. It is the certainty of knowing his unrelenting love for us, even in the midst of our weakness, and failure, that leads us to fullness of his life.Fear had never taken me to the depths of his life or his transforming power; discovering his delight has. I now know that the key to God’s favour doesn’t rest on what I give him but on what he already has given me.”

The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.



I'm certain that this is a good and needed post of yours, Bro. :-)

I have, we all have, many uncertainties in this life. Certainly uncertainties of my correct understanding of spiritual things. But there are things that we can know, that we do know with total certainty. If not then why would He leave us with such words of encourgement?:

1 John 5:11-13 (Amplified Bible)

And this is that testimony (that evidence): God gave us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He who possesses the Son has that life; he who does not possess the Son of God does not have that life. I write this to you who believe in (adhere to, trust in, and rely on) the name of the Son of God [in the peculiar services and blessings conferred by Him on men], so that you may know [with settled and absolute knowledge] that you [already] have life, yes, eternal life.

We live by the faith of the Son of God.

Rich said...


Thanks so much for what you shared here.
It is ONLY the certainty of His unconditional Love for us that sets into motion the ability to engage/step into those for-ordained good works we are meant to walk in.
To walk out what He has worked into us!

The assurance/confidence/certainty we have isn't because there are NO doubts or turbulance, or disturbances, it's the confidence of His love 4-us in the face of these actualities that we rise up to BE more than a conquerer!!

His Life in us as us is the very substance/evidence of who He has made us to BE. If this is perceived as arrogance, pride, then I feel deeply sorry for that demeted perception that others choose to take.
Maybe in fact this confidence/certainty in us is a living expression of true humilty, the very opposite spirit of pretending???


I thought I'd add the conversation that you and I had Bro...

The contrary of uncertainty just leaves us paralyzed... right where the enemy wants us.

When we say we can't be certain about anything then we dismiss so much that He said emphatically.

Without knowing the WORD we hit each other over the head with scriptures.
Of course each one being RIGHT.

It's the Word that the Holy Spirit is wanting to reveal-make real to and in us.

When we get to know Him, then understanding the scriptures is child's play.

CERTAINLY more to come!!!!

Rich said...


Thanks for including these thoughts bro!

A few thoughts from Wayne-He Loves Me...Fear cannot produce the holiness God wants to share with us.
It is only living in the security (certainty) of God's affection that he is able to transform us.
As long as we live in fear, we exclude ourselves from the very process that will make us complete in God.
Knowing His heart for you will free you to trust him more than ever, and that alone will lead you to ever-greater participation in his holiness.

If it wasn't for the absolute certainty/assurance within the power of His love for us, then at best we're only kidding ourselves!