Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Sublime and the Ridiculous

Man oh man, I can’t believe how long this bloody line is, and all I want is a simply coffee to go.
Yes those thoughts did fritter across my brain waves this morning as I wanted to stop at our local coffee shop before heading out of own to see a movie.
Years ago before the do-nut shops turned into a food circus, obtaining a simply coffee was usually a minor issue, but not now. You look around and there seems to be enough employees to look after any line up.

While standing there Papa starts speaking to my heart, “Son am I patient enough to deal with this minor hold up in your life?” Ah, yeah, sure Papa!

How do any of us who have been reborn ever get to experience the reality of our living as the result of another’s life in us as us, except to be brought into situations such as I described here, from the sublime to the ridiculous.
Is His life adequate, sufficient enough to deal with, address whatever we are faced with? Or is it all about us trying to be ‘like’ Christ, damn, look at how impatient, unloving, critical, unforgiving, prone to pout, short tempered I am?

Is it supposed to be like it was long, long ago that when the Spirit of God would come upon a person and turn them into the most patient, loving, caring person on earth? Or is this all a wonderful opportunity to trust Christ in me to come forth from me as me?
I guess I could zone in on asking Papa to MAKE me more patient, loving, kind, and caring, but then why would I need Him? Maybe we pray these foolish things because we still believe He is separate from us. But then what do I do with that wonderful theology of, “It’s no longer I that lives but Christ, nevertheless I do live but I live as a living unique expression of Christ.”
Folks we have already been recreated, reborn, we are now given the opportunity to work, walk out each and every day who we really are in Christ.

This morning standing in line waiting for my turn too get my coffee, I found Christ not only very patient in me as me, but while waiting He was good enough to dial me in on needs all around me of those who were in the same line up I was in. Who would of thought, right there, right then that Papa wanted to love up on these people, heck I thought I was there for my coffee.



Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha! I loved your frankness in this post! I sure am glad too, that Papa is not only willing, but honored to have us come to him with the silly and ridiculous requests.

Thank goodness for His patience with me, too. However, what Papa has been gradually and continually revealing to my heart, is that He desires me to be REAL, in the sense of the person He fully created me to be.

P.S. I used to work for Starbucks...and (hee hee!) believe me, the Barista's on the other side of teh counter are probably doing as much praying themselves...praying for Papa to give them warp-speed powers to crank out as many drinks as possible in speed-of-light time.

~Amy :)

Rich said...


I use to love readng the comics especially Frank and Ernest, what a hoot they are.

But with Papa, sometimes in His frakness with me, he is most earnest as well. :)

I am realizing its not Papa's intention to sugar coat me, or to give me a "gos-pill" but the proof of His love is His loving but firm correction. Even when I would swear its the devil doing such a painfilled overhaul on me, I am learning I don't serve the devil, and Papa has to cut through some serious religious shit I have confused with for a living relationship with Him. No wonder its as painful as hell, being set free from these hellish lies we have all living in us. :)