Sunday, October 05, 2008

Chasing the Wind

From the time the Lord apprehended me in 1972 up until 1994, I was chasing the wind, not ever realizing that within me was what I WAS looking for. Twenty two years of being a child of light yet living in total darkness to the reality of Christ in me as me, wow, go figure.
Maybe that’s why I’m stuck on redundantly repeating, “It’s not a seminar, it’s a revelation.”

It is what it is and it takes what it takes to bring us to see, but for sure it will never happen apart from the Truth being pointed out to us. It’s the spirit of grace and truth that takes the truth and applies it to our lives. Too many want to piddle around trying to use some litmus test to see if a person is able to grasp, understand what it is we’re trying to share with them, as if had anything to do with our natural prowess.

The natural minded man sees the things of the spirit being utter foolishness, in other words what the Father communicates is spiritually discerned, understood.
For three and a half years Jesus was constantly sharing the heart of the Father with the twelve, and not until He was crucified and raised from the dead and His spirit poured out, did they begin to GET it!
Jesus like any of us today totally relied upon the Holy Spirit to penetrate the heart and cause the truth to explode from the inside out.

I see so much religious BS being used by the father of lies in keeping so many as spiritual quadriplegics all because they are still firmly convinced their identity is all about what they know, their calling, anointing, gifting etc, it breaks my heart.
I will be sharing with a friend this question regarding what I’ve said here above. “What if there never has been a calling, anointing, gifting or will there ever be one?”
What for example if I were to stop today and never (talk or share Christ) write another word, never share, speak another word via Yahoo Messenger, or Skype or email, or snail mail, would I cease to exist, would I loose ALL worth, value and significance, would I be like the wicked witch in the movie The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy threw some water on her friend the Scarecrow whom the witch had set on fire and some of the water accidentally got onto her, and screamed out; “I’m melting, I’m melting?”
I don’t think so!

I am fully cognizant of the insidious lies the father of lies is using in those, especially those who have determined they are “called” of God. It is Satan using their knowledge of scripture and the many different experiences they have had to keep them blinded from not knowing how this stuff is preventing them from hearing the TRUTH. I hope this makes some sense.
It is a wonder seeing folks especially those believing with everything within them that they are called of God to do thus and so, using their vast knowledge of scripture to substantiate and validate their calling, and yet their lives are crumbling along with their marriage and family into entire ruin.

If it were possible the very elect will be deceived Jesus said, without a recognized foundation of the Father’s love causing us to be rooted and established in Him alone, the master of disguise, the angel of light, Satan, will obligingly use the plethora of biblical knowledge the believer has to securely keep them as his prisoner.

This has nothing to do with missing out on heaven, it has everything to do with being taken out of action in the here and now of every day living.
It’s not a correct theology or doctrine Jesus is asking for when He comes to us and asks’ “Who do you say that I AM?!”



Anonymous said...

Great post. Love how you "tell it how it is."

"Jesus like any of us today totally relied upon the Holy Spirit to penetrate the heart and cause the truth to explode from the inside out." - Rich

It's not about citing scripture, religious dogma and doctrine, or theologicalopoly.

It's about listening to the very real, very present, very living God within our hearts as the Holy Spirit...walking in the reality of HIs love, His Truth, His presence as He shows us all things we need to know, understand and do by speaking in our very hearts.

~Amy :)

Rich said...


Thanks, I so agree. It will always be one of two options, when being asked to help with the struggles a person is facing, going through, kiss more ass, or simply speak the truth as lovingly but firmly as you need to say it!

The truth is either our greatest friend, or our worst enemy!!

Tracy Simmons said...

Rich, I so agree with you. I've been really examining that question lately...what if I never did another thing in any way, shape or form. It would not change my worth or value in any way, shape, or form. I want to LIVE like that is true, not just say it :). It's growing in me....

Rich said...


Me too, living it and NOT just saying it is where it is at.
I am enjoying more and more no longer living in a world with lines drawn in the sand, sacred and secular, it’s all sacred at least for me in my crazy way of seeing things.

I’m not sure this fits in here, but it makes perfect sense to me. I love what Barb said here from over at “A Former Leader’s Journey” “Jesus was not just ministering to these people, he was honoring them.”

That thought so exploded within me “honouring them”, wow, what majesty, power, sheer delight!
I might even put some thoughts down later re: this as I totally loath anything related to religious speak relating to ministry, ministering or any other derivatives asscociated with it.
Wow, Jesus, honours me with His presence, His life/love, and now I get to honour others, how cool is that!!!