Thursday, October 02, 2008

I See the Forest, I See the Trees

This is a continuation of some earlier thoughts over here at,Seeing the Unseen.”

There seems to be no end, no shortage of stuff, targeted at the believer to increase, improve, sharpen, enlighten and so many more good things, to perk up his or her relationship with the Lord.
The kicker is that all that we are looking for is already ours if in fact we have been re-born.
We are not use to things such as revelation, an intuitive knowing, seeing, as a matter of fact when ever this has or does happen, one gets tagged real quick as ‘mystic’ or some other ill fitting tag to label this out of the ordinary behavior.

Without the Holy Spirit opening up the eyes of our heart and because there are NO vacuums, there is only one other course of action to take and that is to see ourselves after the flesh, no different than how we saw ourselves before being re-born.
So much carnal thinking permeates the believer, so many vain imaginations keeping us locked away while all the time what we are longing for, what we’re looking for is there in us as us, Christ Jesus the Lord.

This journey, walk we are called into is looked upon at best as something that is impossible except for a few really, really anointed ones that can do it. And all the time the only anointed One there is, in the believer as the believer is hidden from our sight, why is that?
In the Old Testament times it was a common thing for the Spirit of Lord coming upon a person to accomplish some Herculean feat, but that is not going to happen today no mater how long one chooses to wait.

So many times when the Father healed a person through His son Jesus, Jesus would often ask the person to do something according to all common sense and logic looked totally asinine. For example, the man with the withered arm, Jesus says to the man, “Stretch forth your arm,” can you imagine the chagrin on the face of this poor invalid, “What did you just say Jesus, maybe you need to take a closer look here, I’m paralyzed in my arm, I can’t move it.”
That is only one example, but is it any different today? We are not relating to an external Jesus, we are joined to Him, we are one with Him, it doesn’t get much closer than this.
Our Father is working within us to cause us to begin to see, and not seeing like we have up to this point, I mean seeing in the unseen, seeing that which is really real. No longer being ruled by what our soul and its senses are dictating to us.

As I said in my earlier thoughts, as long as we keep believing the lies verses the truth, our thoughts, our living, our voice will be mooted, gagged. It is through who you and I are in Him that this supernatural natural life is to operate, flow through us as us.
It has nothing to do with becoming kinder, more loving, caring, understanding, patient, laying my life down person. It is only one thing, and that is to see Him as all of these things and so much MORE!
We have no idea of what power is operating in and through us as we simply BE His child, He is invading the unseen realm, world of darkness where so many are imprisoned.
I am dumb enough to believe as Jesus said, “He who believes upon me as the Scriptures declare, out of his inner most being shall spring forth rivers of living water, life, hope, freeing the blind, deaf, lame prisoners.”

You are complete in Him!


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