Monday, October 13, 2008


I find this subject to be one of great consternation. As always, the hypocrites trying to point out the sins of others such as divorce, the separation between a husband and a wife and the derailment of collateral damage that ensues not only in their lives but also in the children’s lives and on it goes.

If the natural things speak of the invisible realities, maybe the outward picture, expression of divorce is simply pointing to an already depleted divorce, separation that long ago precipitated that seen outwardly?

I love what Jesus said here, and folks, this isn’t just to a select group of people, this is as applicable to them as it is to any of us,
And He said to them, "Rightly did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites, as it is written: THIS PEOPLE HONORS ME WITH THEIR LIPS, BUT THEIR HEART IS FAR AWAY FROM ME.”

Has there ever been a time where the divorce rates have risen to this degree, in and out side of the church? As I said, the natural visible things are being used of Father to point out those unseen but very much more undetected realities that are even far more serious.
How often has a divorced person received at the hands of another Christian more often than not, a good kick to the nuts, of course that’s what Jesus would do, right?!

Here’s the short and long of it all, how can a people, “god’s people” bull shit their way through life already divorced in their hearts from the reality of who He is, but continue going through the outward religious motions, and not receiving God’s judgment or wrath, turn around and in the name of God piss all over those who were perhaps divorced inwardly from their mate years ago, but now it shows up on the outside.
What’s wrong with this picture folks?

Isn’t Papa appealing, wooing those who have dumbed down, of their own free will chosen to settle for a form of godliness, but making the true condition of their poverty stricken state known to them why, that he might shame them, no, but in order to say there is a way of escape, its called humbling yourself, man up to the inward divorce between your heart and mouth that I plainly see before it goes to the next level and is then seen by all.

The long suffering and patient loving heart of our Father, quick to forgive, ever extending his heart, gracing those who choose to humble themselves, but always resisting the proud!

There may not have been any more sudden death illustrations like as with Ananias and his wife Sapphira who had divorced themselves from their hearts, but continued to try and worship God with their mouths, but I will say this as surely as I know anything. When we begin to move away from the Truth and Him wanting to establish us ever deeper in the Truth, if that closeness, that reality begins to wane, the easiest thing we know is to slip into a religious cover up of continuing by going through the motions.
Hear me, you will NOT miss out on heaven, but in choosing an inward divorce, you will miss out on ALL Papa wanted to do by fully forming His son in you as you, to be seen and embraced by the world He died for.

Chose Life, or choose death, He is the One who offers us His best, what will you choose?


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Anonymous said...

Wow...this fully resonated with my heart. IS such a shame how those who have been divorced (marriage-wise) have been so scorned within many Christian fellowships.

Most beautifully, I love how you spoke of the divorce happening for so many of losing the Marriage we have with our Master, by divorcing the Truth of His Grace and Love within the heart.

I think inward divorce is the most dangerous. Yet, what can be encouragement to those who feel far from him is exactly what you said here:

"The long suffering and patient loving heart of our Father, quick to forgive, ever extending his heart, gracing those who choose to humble themselves, but always resisting the proud!"


~Amy :)