Monday, January 12, 2009

Becoming Like a Child

“Unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.”

I so appreciate this thought from Oz Chambers today.


“I have to convert the natural life into submission to the Spirit of God in me and not say-I will never do anything natural again; that is fanatical. When by the providence of God my body is brought into new conditions, I have to see that my natural life is converted to the dictates of the Spirit of God in me. Because it has been done once is not proof that it will be done again. ‘Except you be converted, and become as little children…’ is true for all the days of the saintly life, we have continually to turn to God.
The attitude of continuous conversion is the only right attitude towards the natural life, and it is the one thing we object to. Either we say the natural is wrong and try to kill it, or else we say that the natural is all there is, and that everything natural and impulsive is right. Neither attitude is right. The hindrance in spiritual life is that we will not be continuously converted; there are ‘wages’ of obstinacy where our pride spits at the throne of God and says-‘I will not; I am going to be boss.’ We cannot remain boss by sheer power of will: sooner or later our wills yield allegiance to some force greater than their own, either God or the devil.”


Mike said...

Amen and AMEN!!!! I was reminded of this when I posted what I did on my blog this morning. I just finished posting and came here and read this. I thits me where I am at today. AGAIN, Amen!

Rich said...


The wonder of Who's I am is wrecking my life in such a wonder-filled way, discovering personally this One called the Way-Truth-Life!

A very intimate moment a while back Father spoke to my heart this..Unless you become like a child, it's not that you will miss heaven, but you will miss out on my present involved activity in your life..I have come that you my son-Rich, might KNOW Me!

That IS the cry of my heart and to see this continued miracle of grace multiply over and over in my siblings lives as well.

I can't wait to hook up with you my dear friend :)

Mike said...

I believe you are talking about salvation. Years ago I came to understand the difference between being born again, and being saved. Born again, to me means a ticket to heaven. But being saved is a much different thing. Salvation in the bible has more application to daily living than to heaven in the future. Hence I say, there are a lot of people who are bor again, but not saved. I.E. headed for heaven, but life on earth is hell. I like the way you worded it...

"It's not that you will miss heaven, but you will miss out on my present involved activity in your life... I have come that you might ... KNOW ME" if that ain't salvation, I don't know what is!

In fact I believe in John 17 Jesus defined that exact thing as "eternal life." WOW!!!!!

Rich said...


Simply loved how you put this re: salvation vs being ‘born-again!
I believe that understanding has been seen by few at best down through the centuries. It is a real mind freeze when you tall folks in polite conversation (of course) that you are ‘being saved’!!

So much of Christianity in my opinion is like a couple of whinny kids pouting and crying out their lament from the back seat, “Are we THERE YET?”

The wonder that is ours to discover in all that we have to pass through, be it fantastic or a living hellish night-mare, He our Father has hidden for us those treasures of darkness.

Mike said...

I love what you said about the whining kids, "Are we there yet." I have referred to them as "suicidal rapturists." Hope we can connect soon,