Thursday, January 01, 2009

Fresh Thoughts For 2009

When all of the world says you are done -
Hope whispers - "hang in there . .
take a chance that someone will see the real meaning and beauty of what was once thought finished"

I was encouraged today by many things, these were but a few.


Would you be made Whole.

Centered on self-or Lost in God

Romanticizing The Early Church


theplowman said...

Thank you for the mention. I am glad to have been introduced to your blog and look forward to reading more of your thoughts.


Rich said...


So good of you to drop by.
I remember reading some of the things you at written years ago even b4 we had our first computer, use to go to my wife's school and surf looking for anything to touch that ache within my heart wanting to know the truth apart from so much BS.

I am always surprised in finally seeing a face linked to a persons thoughts.
I have and do enjoy what Father has to offer in and through you.

The best to you in Him in 2009