Saturday, January 31, 2009

God, Do You Have Any Thoughts On This?

I love this question posed over at Douglas Weaver’s site, Where do you go to church.”

Ever since I heard this question posed by Darin Hufford over at the Free Believer’s Network- Into The Wild pod cast (Worship in the Wild), “What is worship to you” verses, “This IS worship,” I have been freed, launched, catapulted even further to abide within ‘what is worship’, ‘what is church’ to me, etc. etc!

Within the community of Father, Son and Holy Spirit there is NO divorce, schisms between what it says in the letter (of the Scriptures) and the life quickening-empowering spirit, nor will there ever be one!
It’s the natural man working, operating independently from His spirit that produces such an un-malleable rigid template that keeps so many from enjoying and experiencing the reality of His abiding closeness in them as them.

I continue to marvel over the corrupted and erroneous thinking that it all boils down to the “right way verses the wrong way” of doing things, but what about His Way, and that is spelled Jesus!
The template he uses is who He is, Love, but to those who have not experienced the essence of who God the Father is, love is but a cryptic message that cannot be deciphered.


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