Monday, January 05, 2009

Going on From Here

Quoted from “Unto Full Stature”~

“In this expanded quote we have been describing how many believers may go along for years-testifying to ‘some very real’ miraculous acts of God in their behalf-and then suddenly God allows them to go into the deep valley. They cannot understand why God (the Father) does not respond as before. But it is for this reason: That He may lead them into a separation from the old source and dependence-because only in death can they be cut loose that they might truly experience the vital union with the God of Resurrection.”

“All this would emphasize clearly two levels of life: Those who enjoy an occasional “touch from” God are most often still secretly wishing to use Him for their own ends; whereas God desires to bring each one into this vital life-union with Himself that ours is a continual participation in Him. Such a life can only be experienced as we live unto Him and His pleasure. On the first level the attitude is escape for us; on the higher level it is a life of fulfillment for Him. Once we sought deliverance only, but now we cry for inward development first.”

Is it not evident that as individuals we cannot have any effective ministry, flowing through us until there has first been a spiritual building-up within us? Even so in the corporate Body of Christ, there will come this effectual flowing out-the touch of God upon lives-as there is a spiritual building-up of the corporate Body. And in God’s own time, those who have been “touched” will come to also experience their vital participation in living union of the Body of Christ.”

“How often as we encounter folk who are facing the bitter experiences of life, do we hear them insist: “Oh, I’m trusting in God.” And we are sure, for the measure of light they have-this is true. But God wants to press each one to a much different relationship than merely trusting Him for things. He wants to give us a vital union with Himself. As we have seen, this was God’s plan from the very beginning-not because Adam sinned-but because in His master-design He has desired for us to live by the life of the Lord Jesus-thus enjoying all things which includes health-not merely healing.”

It is the longing compulsion within my heart to see a continued awakening in the heart of the Church which IS His body, to continue from here to Go-without having the outer knowing!

Rich ~Even so Lord, Come!

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