Thursday, January 29, 2009

Heavens Best Kept Secret

Knowing “Who’s we are,” is not attaining to some lofty spiritual level as much as it is the God purposed and inborn birth-right of those whom the Father has received unto Himself.
It is out of this regal presentation of Who’s we are, that an unrestricted unmeasured flow of power (virtue) invades the child of God, defining who they are which releases them to further cooperate with the divine teacher, the spirit of truth moving them from being His child and little by little becoming a fully matured son!

Our battle has never ever been with ‘flesh and blood’ but we need to be constantly reminded of that which we say we know.
I see this being especially crucial and relevant to those who have been lead out side of the religious (circus) camp.
It is incongruous to our thinking that not only have most if not all ‘leaders’ within organized religion been deceived by the father of lies (Satan) but also those who were addicted to them.
Could this be like the blind following the blind, I think so. It is vital and most sobering to clearly hear and take to heart what Jesus said regarding the religious Pharisees. He didn’t say, “Beware of the Pharisees, but of the leaven of the Pharisees.”
The religious indoctrination (brain washing) has been a regular and staple part of our institutional diet for as long as we have imbibed from the man made cisterns.

Do you honestly think for one second the father of lies ever wants the child of God to KNOW Who’s they are, hell NO! As long as that innate imprinting is ignored, we will be held captive to every whim and wind of doctrine that comes a blowing our way, keeping us in a perpetual state of infancy and addicted to the foster or surrogate people that will convince us that without them, we are in grave and serious danger.
The blinding that has kept so many of God’s children for so long in the prison house of the religious Matrix is slowly being invaded with the true knowledge of the one who calls Himself the I AM!
As this begins to register within the spirit of those who are His, its as if an inner damn is broken, and out of seeing and knowing Him as our only Life is released an unparalleled accelerated growth that catapults us into what we never dreamed possible!

Right now I see what is happening within the body of Christ being something like this illustration. Have you ever had your hand, arm, leg, or foot fall asleep, you know, somehow the flow of blood has been cut off and when you go to use it, its all limp and prickly having no strength to support you.
So what do you do, you begin to shake it and the life which is in the blood begins to invade that part of your anatomy that has fallen asleep and soon it regains its proper vitality and is of use to you.

I see this pointing to a much greater liberation within His body, which is you and me. He is bringing those ones to SEE and KNOW Who’s they are, and as that living surge of indestructible life begins to be quickened, imparted to them, they become so much more energized and begin to function according to their divine imprinting.
It is these living parts of the body that are realizing His life as their only Life that releases them to resonate with a vibrancy that stimulates those other parts of the body that have fallen asleep!

It never has been by might or power, but by His spirit, and yes He is waking His children up to what has been theirs from day one when He first received them.
Behold I show you a mystery, not all shall sleep, a mighty awakening is unfolding before our very eyes, an awakening unto Righteousness!



Dave Aldrich said...


I've shared with you that voice I keep hearing (no, the Good Voice) telling me... "Be prepared to encourage your Siblings." I think that is such needed advice more than ever before as this sleepy Church needs to be awakened.

"Encourage those who are timid. Take tender care of those who are weak. Be patient with everyone."

Bro... thanks for you continuous encouragement to the Truth!

Rich said...


Next to knowing Who's I am, there is no greater joy than being able to point others to the Father of their spirit, sometimes He goes by the name of, I AM!